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Steps Toward Better Air Quality In California

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“ In 2011, the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Survey on Californians and the Environment showed that 45% of California citizens find air pollution to be a “big Problem” and 47% believe that “the air quality of California is worse than it was 10 years ago” (Air pollution in the U.S.). Although California has made many steps to improve air quality in their state in the past in 2013 the city of Los Angeles Area a Major city was ranked first ozone polluted city. Some significant aspects of California pollution dating way back to the 1960’s, the disco areas of the 1970’s the hard rocking 1980’ the future forward 1990’s and the current state of California ‘s air pollution, and some of the expectations for air pollution in California. California has taken major steps to to improve air quality and has continued.
Air pollution has been an issue for the U.S. as a whole for many years dating back to the industrial revolution in the mid 19th century. Since then there has been many different nation wide attempts on improving air quality across the U.S.In the 1960’s a new environmental movement arose things such as “Earth Day” to rise air pollution awareness. Governmental movements such as Clean air acts set several standards and regulations to control air pollution on a national level which has been amended and strengthened in the ensuing decades.
In the 1980’s the 2nd largest state in the united states (California) reached a population of 24 million although this could be considered an accomplishment on many terms, Total registered vehicles surpassed 17 million and vehicle miles traveled is 155 billion. (Key Events In History Of Air Quality In California,,1) although the extreme jump of pollution and registered vehicles; vehicle emissions for NOx (mono-nitrogen oxides )and HC remain at 1970 levels of 1.6 million tons/year despite a rise of 45 billion in VMT over these 10 years.(Key Events In History Of Air Quality In California,,1). Four years later California set up the CA Smog Check Program identifying vehicles in need of maintenance and to assure the effectiveness of their emission control systems every two years. After another fours past in the state of California in 1988 new regulations were set to the clean air acts”The Act set forth the framework for how air quality will be managed in California for the next 20 years.1980’s there were plenty of good strides to set California up for a very success couple of years to come. Toward the end of the decade Phase I CA of The Clean Air Act was released cleaning burning gasoline came to market. The result was 220 tons less of reactive organic gases (ROG) released every day (6 percent reduction), and elimination of the use of lead in gasoline. ARB required the addition of oxygenates in gasoline to cut carbon monoxide emissions by 10%.(Key Events In History Of Air Quality In California,,1).
These strides carried into the next decade by 1994 California lawmakers Sign in the...

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