Steps Towards A Natural Pregnancy Essay

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More pregnant woman than ever before are becoming aware of the vast amount of chemicals found in every day products and in the food supply. From pesticides and herbicides in produce, to growth hormones and antibiotics in meat and dairy products, MSG and high fruit corn syrup in most super market food, sodium lauryl sulfites and other harmful chemicals in toiletry items. Most food and products are detrimental to our health rather than beneficial as they should be. Pregnancy is a time of massive growth and development for the unborn child and the more natural the mother is throughout, the better off the baby will be. There are many things a pregnant woman can do to lessen the risk to their developing unborn baby and ensure the best start possible by having a natural pregnancy.

Toss the Synthetic Prescription Pre-Natal Vitamin
The majority of all ob/gyn doctors will prescribe a synthetic pre-natal vitamin after the first exam. Although it is good to get a jump start on getting the proper nutrition, there are many vitamins that are especially important during the time frame when few women realize they are pregnant yet. Folic acid is one of the B vitamins that a woman should be consuming in adequate amounts before ever getting pregnant. A diet rich in leafy greens vegetables especially raw spinach, beans, dried sulfate-free fruits and nuts will provide an adequate supply of folate. Synthetic vitamins are hard for the body to digest, and in such a state that it is nearly impossible for the body to assimilate and use them, so does little good. It is best to get the recommended daily amounts from the diet, or from a whole food vitamin supplement. Whole food supplements are not all made the same, however, and care should be taken to find one that processes their material in as little of a damaging way as possible. The process takes whole foods and concentrates it into a capsule, or tablet form allowing the body to use all the nutrients and phytonutrients, minerals and trace minerals and vitamins available. There are many whole food vitamins designed specifically for the needs of a pregnant woman. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin A, the entire range of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and E are some of the most essential elements needed during a pregnancy, and can be found in a whole food supplement.

Juice, and then Juice Some More

Juicing fresh and live vegetable juice is another excellent way for a pregnant woman to get the adequate nutrition her and her baby’s body needs. The nutrients are delivered to her system immediately are there is nothing in the juice the body needs to digest or breakdown. It is best to pick, fresh and organic vegetables in order to avoid the highly toxic pesticides used on conventional produce. If organic vegetables are not available, or beyond the budget, be sure to peel all the skin off before juicing. The body can only absorb and use 4-6 ounces of juice at a time, and is all that should be consumed in one...

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