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Stereotype Comedy In 1970s Essay

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To fully understand where the rise of stereotype comedy obtained its roots from, one must go back to 1950’s and throughout the 1970’s to the era of the civil rights movements in the United States. The civil rights era was a time in which African Americans had had enough of the injustice that was imposed on them in this country. Throughout the country they protested and march and spoke of the discrimination they faced and that it was about time these injustices had ended. Between the 1950s and the 1960s, civil rights groups demanded an end to segregation. They fought for equality in education, housing, and employment opportunities. Some whites in the country felt the same way that it was time ...view middle of the document...

Periodization is also an important question in this literature. There are some who contend that the objectives that would later be identified with the black freedom struggle of the late 1960s were evident in the late 1940s and 1950s. Not only have northern civil right studies been more geographically inclusive, they have also moved beyond the white-black dichotomy so pervasive in studies on the South and have turned to the plight and agency of other people of color, especially Latinos and Asians. Some scholars have also disputed the portrayal of the classification of segregation in the North as de facto, arguing that northern segregation was sanctioned by the state.” (Clarence Taylor).
New York was the melting pot of the United States because of the entrance port known as Ellis Island that was basically the gate way into this land of the free. During the late twentieth the African American population jumped. There were now more blacks living in the city and more conflicts arose from such a thing happening. Harlem was the main place...

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