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Abigail McBride
Professor Sanderson
There are many different cultures that have stereotypes and ethnocentrisms that the media and social media has exploited, which has resulted in us having difficulties in communicating with different cultures. Stereotypes and ethnocentrisms appear in the media and in social media and it displays how we should perceive other people and different cultures in a negative light, one of these cultures being the French culture. Both stereotypes and ethnocentrisms have an effect on how we perceive the French culture and how they are displayed in the media.
Stereotypes can affect the way we view the French and their culture. According to the text book stereotyping is “members of one group attributing characteristics to members of another group” (Neuliep, 2017). Stereotypes is usually a negative or a positive perception that we have on people based on their sex, race, age, or profession (Neuliep, 2017).We learn these stereotypes through communicating with other people, our friends, our parents, and the media. Stereotypes is an exaggerated images we give a certain culture or group of people.
Ethnocentrism is “the technical name for this view of things in which one’s own group is the center of everything, and all others are scaled and rated with reference to it” (Neuliep, 2017). Ethnocentric people believe that their culture is better than others and that their culture has higher power than others. According to the textbook, ethnocentrism causes people to have self-centered dialogue, in which a person uses their own cultural standards to evaluate and communicate with others (Neuliep, 2017) . Ethnocentrism causes us to not truly understand others and to not take each other seriously.
Media is sometimes the culprit as to why stereotypes exist today. In the media, it shows a very limited amount of French culture. The few times that a character is French in the media, they usually make them out to be an angry person. For example in the Disney film, The Little Mermaid the chef, who is French, loves to kill all the fish and crustaceans in the ocean and use them in his meals and when Sebastian, Ariel’s guardian who is a crab, gets lost in the castle and finds himself in the kitchen where the chef chases him around the kitchen and tries to kill him. This is portraying that French people are rude and inhumane. Americans who have never been to France or have never encountered a French person believes that the media portrays a more accurate representation of the French culture than actual reality. In the comedic film, European Vacation, displays an American family that encounters rude French men and women in Paris, France. The family members are not familiar with the French language or culture therefore they use stereotypes to assist them in understanding their new surroundings. If you Google French people you get a bunch of men or women wearing a beret and holding a loaf of baguette bread,...

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