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Stereotypes And Africa: How Much Do You Know?

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The word stereotype can be defined as “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. Stereotypes can be found everywhere, from schools to our views on the world. There are many stereotypes about Africans and Africa as a whole, and just like a majority of all stereotypes, they couldn’t be more wrong.
One of the stereotypes about Africa is that it’s a country. It has often been argued that Africa isn’t a continent when, in actuality, it is the second largest continent with fifty-three countries and a variety of ethnic diversity. This stereotype isn’t only ingrained into the minds of children, but into the minds of many adults as well, ...view middle of the document...

People also believe that a war is constantly being fought in Africa. Although some African countries are fighting a war, it’s not as dramatic as the stereotype paints it. According to the stereotype, the wars are fought by children who won’t hesitate to destroy an entire family. Most people believe that a number one cause of the wars in Africa is political corruption; this is due in part to the crisis occurring in Egypt and Libya. However, many African countries have a democratic government, in which the citizens have an equal say in who governs them.
A majority of people believe all Africans live in unsanitary conditions, which lead to the contraction of many diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, and a variety of deadly diseases. Statistically speaking, those diseases are present but not as much as people believe. The percentage of people in Africa with HIV/AIDS is almost equivalent to the percentage of people in the America. Almost everyone who thinks of Africa immediately thinks of high levels of poverty. In actuality, there is only a small percentage of poor Africans, the rest all have well-paying jobs, such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, and teachers.
A fourth and final stereotype is that Africans lack civilization. It has been said that all Africans are cannibals, live in huts and trees, hunt...

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