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Stereotypes Are Discrimination Essay

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As a Home Visitor, most of my clients are just like Tammy’s family. Tammy’s family history seems to repeat its self and with no other support, Tammy finds herself misjudged by family and neighbors. One thing that no one can take away from Tammy is her hopes and dreams of a better future. I believe that anyone can be discriminated against for almost everything you do. All it takes is one person to decide that for any irrational reason you are less worthwhile for doing something than an identical person who would do the same exact thing. Some people discriminate more than others, often though this is based on their life situations and up-bringing or afraid that they may turn out the same way.
Tammy still views her life and future as hopeful and positive; even though at times she may see her life as hopeless. I believe she does her best to provide for her family, even if it means walking ten miles to work. She seems to not have the resources to help with the necessary things that she may need such as repairs to her furnace or car. As a Home Visitor, we provide many community resources that families may need to help relieve some burden in their life.
I think that her son Matt doesn’t see how proud his mother is about her job, at Burger King, and that’s why she wears her uniform all the time. He also thinks that she is lazy because of the way the home is kept. As a single parent, every member of his/her family contributes to the home by doing chores and helping out.
According to Susan Rosenthal (2007), a social class is a group of people of similar status, commonly sharing comparable levels of power and wealth. The social definition of class would measure two variables: the control that people have over their own work and the control that they have over other people’s work. Using these criteria, society can be divided into three classes: the class that rules (the capitalist class); the class that produces-but-not-for-itself (the working class and middle class);...

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