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Stereotypes Are Not True Essay

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“Stereotypes exist because they are grounded in truth.”
Stereotypes are generalizations, based on false assumptions about a particular group of people. These judgments could be due to their race, ethnicity, gender, age or religion. However, in recent decades, the issue of stereotyping has come to the attention of the world community and it is slowly being branded as insensitive and racist. One of the most controversial stereotypes of the late twentieth and early twenty first century is the issue of all Muslims being branded as terrorists. Even though it can be argued that Muslims carried out the majority of terrorist attacks, this stereotyping leads to a bandwagon effect causing sentimental Muslims to turn to terrorism in a rush of sentiments; nevertheless the western media greatly exaggerates and propagates the image of Muslims being involved in terrorism leading to false allegations against Muslims by West for its own purposes; however an objective analysis reveals to the contrary.
In the 21st century, TV news is the most important source of public knowledge and therefore it is an important tool which can be used to shape public opinion; this is how the Muslims are shown as terrorists in the media. Approximately 80 percent of population relies on it as their main source of news as the multi-media (“Mirza, 2-3”).
The biased behavior of western media towards Islam and Muslims is not something new; many media agencies are working against Muslims. Western media agencies with remarkable financial resources try to show a wrong picture of Islam to the general public which is an important factor in trying to depict Muslims as terrorist. Although it is true Muslims are involved in some terrorist attacks, the western media is trying to attribute all violent activities to Muslims which presents the wrong case. After 9/11 many western countries termed Muslims as terrorists. Western media tried to depict Muslims as extremists and radicals. The role of media is so dominant that the image of reality can be easily misrepresented by the media. Media tries to degrade Muslims and we can see that in Hollywood movies mostly portray Arabs as criminals; same goes for Bollywood and Lollywood. Muslims are shown in a negative light. An important example of the bigotry of media was seen on 23rd July, 2011, in Norway when a single man killed 85 innocent people and at first news agencies called the man a Muslim and related him with Muslim terrorist groups but afterwards this man was proved to be non Muslim having no relation with any terrorist agency (“Batty”). When this news broke out he was not even called a terrorist as if the word “terrorist” is reserved only for the Muslims. Such examples exhibit manipulation of information by the media so as to serve its aim of perverting the general image of Muslims in society.
It has been generally observed that people consider the entire Muslim nation as a terrorist but this observation is nothing more than a fallacy as...

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