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Stereotypes in school can affect students and their education. We did some research about stereotypes at our school, Point Loma High, but first we read “How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” by Shankar Vedantam. He argues that how being a stereotype can bring down someones work performance. He supports his claim by first explaining that on a standardized vocabulary test, black people on average scored a 5.49 out of 10 questions correctly and white people answered 6.33 correctly out of 10. He then explains how eventually when a black person is being tested with a black instructor, they score a 6.33, just like the whites. Vedantam’s purpose is to bring attention to this ...view middle of the document...

Our participants also identified themselves as students, athletes, and teenagers. Our participants most noticed their stereotype at school, but outside of class. The way our participants typically deal with their stereotypes is 45% ignore them, 13% turn them into a joke, 12% prove them wrong, 7% confront them, 5% pay the part, and the other 18% use other methods.

It turns out that the students who were interviewed who were white typically were referred to as soiled, rich, non educated, always drink starbucks, stupid, things of that nature. The African American people who were interviewed were known as poor, very athletic, and not very academic. The Hispanic/Latino group was known for being illegal, being very good at soccer, immigration and those type of things. The Asians with being really smart and mastering karate.

I personally think that the Hispanic/Latino “group” are the ones that are the most affected because we live in the south part of California near the Mexican/American border where there are typically more Mexicans that there are of any other “group.” I also think that Mexicans are the ones who are typically more affected by stereotypes than other races because, again, there are more of them in southern California. I interviewed a 10th grade girl who was a victim of stereotypes. She said people associate her with being...

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