Stereotypes At Point Loma High School

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Our class does research on the way stereotypes affect people in our school. We have interviewed 165 students. 79% of the people we interviewed were in 9th grade. The rest were evenly spread between 10th 11th and 12th grade. only 42% of our participants were female, while 58% were male. The majority of our interviewees identified themselves as white at 46%. 33% were hispanic or latino 7% were african american 4% were asian american 10% were other and 1% were native american. A majority of our participants also identified themselves as student athletes and teenagers. Our participants most noticed their stereotype at school but outside of class. A majority of our participants responded by ...view middle of the document...

We then went through all the stereotypes used against different people and saw a lot of the same ones used. By using this data all of us collected we have discovered there are a lot of stereotypes used against people here at PL.
A few trends here at PL are for example the stereotype that all mexicans jumped the border. That black people are fast and live in bad neighborhoods. That asian americans always do good in school and eat weird stuff. That white girls go to starbucks all the time, are rich, stuck up, wear ugg boots, and are stupid. These are all the most common trends for these ethnicities of people. They are also the most common trends for outside of PL as well, they’re usually used as jokes.
The stereotypes on our campus affect latino/hispanic people the most. There is a large number of them going here to pl and there are more commonly stereotypes against them. All groups are not equally affected due to there being more latino stereotypes than the rest but all the other ethnicities being stereotyped against are affected as well just not as much as the...

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