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Stereotypes Essay

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Shankar Vedantam, author of Hidden Brain and NPR science correspondent informs and advocates for equality in the education system in his article “How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance” published in the Washington Post (2009). Vedantam begins his article by interacting with the audience while he asks a question,and he cites Sociologist Min-Hsuing Huang’s research on the influence that the environment has on a minority. Huang found out that: reminding minorities of their race before a test, limits them more than if they weren't reminded. Vedantam highlights the fact that Huang’s research goes unnoticed by prominent figures in….such as managers, policy makers, parents,etc. ...view middle of the document...

A majority of our participants noticed their stereotypes the most outside of class at school. When faced with these stereotypes, the interviewees normally would ignore them(45%), turn it into a joke(15%),etc.

Students with the same heritage tended to show similarities in how the react to being stereotyped. This could be the aftermath of the stereotypes typically being related to heritage? Could the problem just be that look at race and are biased to the physical aspects of people innate? School culture is largely impacted by stereotypes outside of class. Point Loma High School’s students pay close attention to the physical aspect of students, academic/athletic capability, and wealth. The stereotypes that students face aren’t generic, but instead are specific.

These stereotypes almost turned into accusations that people felt they had to confront, ignore, or prove wrong. Interviewees admitted how categorizing themselves into groups that they feel define them, limited them. Those groups were subject to certain traits, restrictions. So, who is affected by these stereotypes? The ones who create them? Those who are called them? Everyone for being put in a scenario where they don’t fit or fit too well in? Students? I’d say that you and I are affected by this. Although these were only students at Point Loma High interviewed, being exposed to a stereotype-threat environment is common. Common enough that...

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