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Stereotypes Exist Because They Are Grounded In Truth

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Very rarely do we find people making statements such as, “Aliens were shopping in the mall” or “Cats were barking like dogs” or “Pakistan has had one of the best leaders in recent times”. These statements are examples of things which we consider to be unarguable, which we laugh over; because no evidence exists that they have taken place. If a person informed their friend, that they saw an alien shopping, or cats barking like dogs, the friend would recommend that they visit a psychiatrist and reconsider their claim. Hence with the above mentioned examples it can be said that: stereotypes exist because they are grounded in truth. Although people tend to argue that stereotypes are ...view middle of the document...

They did so by terrorizing the local population, hence becoming known as "Terrorists". And so, the identity of these men was that they were Muslim. Although, this does not mean that all muslims are terrorists, the fact that a few were involved, does make the stereotype hold logic.Furthermore, looking at history, we can look at the current terrorism situation in Pakistan. The identity of the people hiding in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and attempting to impose their version of the Shari'ah Law in the country via terrorist attacks is a debatable matter. At the end, no one is interested in who supports, funds or backs these people, rather it is a well known fact that these people declare themselves Muslims. Although they are not in any way representatives of Muslims, their actions lead the world to believe that all Muslims are terrorists. Jews are considered to be greedy, is another stereotype that exists, with examples that can be seen in history. Similar to the Muslim stereotype, all Jews are not greedy; however, when we turn the pages of history we can see that there have been many instances where Jews have shown greediness. During the Middle Ages, Christians were not allowed to lend money because the Church believed that collecting interest from loaned money was a sin. At the same time Jews were not allowed to do many of the jobs which Christians carried out. Thus Jews collected interest from the Christians; many became money lenders and tax collectors. The money-changer stereotype, originated in the days when Jews converted the coins of the Roman Empire, into the currency accepted by the Jerusalem Temple. Because of their involvement with money and banking, Jews obtained the reputation of being greedy. Today jews control major banks, firms, mineral resources including precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, tin, etc.It is said that Jews would unite to drive any Gentile competitor out of business. Famous English writer Shakespeare wrote extensively about Jews and their greediness, in some of his famous literary pieces such as The Merchant of Venice. Nowadays, although they dominate a number of major business enterprises, their desire for success and money as seen in history, has made them notorious for their greediness. History gives numerous examples where women have been oppressed by men. It may have been in different forms, but since primitive times, women have always struggled for rights. In Arabia, the Arabs, before the arrival of Islam, used to bury their infant girls alive. With the progress of time, it is claimed today by modern women, that they have achieved their rights and have become equal to men in all aspects of life. However, this claim is not completely true since even today women are being oppressed by men in many parts of the world, to a great degree in third world countries. Men use religion, culture, social setup as...

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