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Stereotypes In Movies: Comparison Between "The Matrix" And "Napoleon Dynamite".

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The media holds a strong influence of our modern society today. Movies, music, books, television can often reflect the daily events in our lives, although they can be fictional half the time but communicate a legitimate message at times. The media itself can portray different ethnic groups by using stereotypes created by the society. Movies in particular often use many different stereotypes in order to produce and grab the audience attention. Movies like "The Matrix" and "Napoleon Dynamite" have the stereotypes implied on our society today."The Matrix" was produced by Joel Silver; written and directed by The Wachowski brothers who took philosophical ideas and created brilliant cinematography correlating the principles into what people all over the world have come to know as 'The Matrix Trilogy'. "The Matrix" may appear to be simply a well-done science fiction film, but it contains some compelling parallels and themes for us to consider. To some, this fabulous film is merely an action packed feature in which martial arts is coordinated with remarkable special effects. The meaning of the Matrix in this movie is computer generated dream worlds that incarcerate an individual's mind from making their own choices and seeing the true reality of what the world really is. In the trilogy, the movie talks about the right of having to make a "choice" and being able to see the "truth". Neo also known as Thomas A. Anderson is known for being "the one" that fights for the people of Zion from being annihilated by the machines of the matrix. He has to face making difficult choices that would change the future of Zion forever. Neo searches for the true motivation of the Matrix. In the opening of the movie, Neo had a strange feeling that there was something not quite right about the world. He is on a journey to seek the truth but afraid of the consequences that come with knowing the truth. When he finds the answers he is looking for, it is only the beginning of the story. "The Matrix" questions what we know as reality, and gives us choices to either accept what we see around us at face value or to explore life's bigger intimidating questions. "The Matrix" was targeted the science fiction audience, but only turned out to be a huge success that it was no longer considered to be a typical science fiction film. Thomas A. Anderson as known as Neo who is played by actor Keanu Reeves, plays the role of an heroic savior that's suppose put an end to the war between mankind and the machines for good. The characteristics that Neo portrays in the movie are very much related to our society in terms of religious references, heroism, persona stereotypes and personal freedom. Reeve's character in the beginning of the movie plays a computer programmer by day and a hacker by night, in which later on discovers the truth behind the world controlled by the matrix. The physical and emotional characteristics of Neo are fearless, confident, strong, powerfully built, heroic and...

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