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Stereotypes In Our School Essay

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We have done research at our school that supports the idea that many people experience stereotypes, and are affected by them. Author and Scientific Journalist, Shankar Vedantam, in his article “How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” Explains that If people are stereotyped, they can start to embody the stereotypes made about them without realizing it, which could lead to a degradation in their performance, because of the negative self image caused by these stereotypes. He supports this claim by giving a few real world examples of surveys and tests taken on african-americans and people of different races, all of the people who took these tests had one thing in common, ...view middle of the document...

I have looked through and analyzed the data in the spreadsheet from the 165 students that were interviewed, and I have noticed some common trends in different gender and ethnicity groups, in the ways that they experience stereotypes and the ways that they deal with them. The first trend that caught my eye was in the female section, Females tended to experience intelligence stereotypes across the board, stereotypes that either made them out to be overly smart, or not very intelligent, depending on their race, I noticed that more commonly African American and Hispanic/ Latino females tended to be victims of stereotypes that made them out to be unintelligent, While Asian American and White females tended to be thought of as very smart. In the male section, I noticed a different common stereotype, this stereotype focused on how well off the different ethnicity interviewees were in life. The trend was that whites were more often seen as being rich and spoiled, while African-Americans and Hispanic/Latino Interviewees were associated with being poor, and also being lowlifes.
I have noticed that the most affected groups at our school are the minorities, people of other races than white. I think...

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