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Stereotypes In Schools Essay

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Stereotypes in school can affect students in their confidence and education. Writer, Shankar Vedantam, in his article, “How A Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” argues that reminding people of their race before a test or quiz can be the reason they don't score as high on a test. He supports his claim by first explaining things that Sociologist Min-Hsiung Huang discovered. He then explains how whites have been scoring higher than other races this affects chances of them getting into good colleges or classes. Huang mentions that he thinks the reason for this is because they are reminded of their race before taking the test or in some cases quizzed by the opposite race. ...view middle of the document...

Our participants also identified themselves as students, athletes, and teenagers. Our participants most noticed their stereotype at school, but outside of class. When asking our interviewees how the typically respond to stereotypes 46% said they ignore them, 11% prove them wrong, 16% turn it into a joke, 7% confront them, 5% play the part, 15% said other.

Looking at the data you notice a few things. You can see the obvious similarities and differences between the different races and genders and how they deal with stereotypes and how each gender and race has different stereotypes. These stereotypes start from race to gender to even hair color. For example most white females deal with stereotypes of them being rich, snobby, smart, drink certain drinks and wear certain clothes. Blondes usually have to deal with being called stupid and people with red hair get accused of have “no soul”. Our data shows that most white females deal with stereotypes by ignoring them. White males typically get stereotyped for being smart, rich, surfers, privileged and that they “can’t play sports”. Most white males deal with stereotypes by also ignoring them. African Americans deal with the stereotypes of them being stupid, careless, eat certain foods and are super good at sports. Most male African Americans deal with these stereotypes by proving them wrong. Most females choose to ignore them or confront them. Hispanic/Latino females get accused of being illegals, dumb, dropouts and teen moms. These hispanic females choose to deal with these stereotypes by ignoring them. Hispanic males get stereotyped for being thieves, illegals and truants. These kids usually deal with these stereotypes by ignoring them. Asian Americans both female and males wrote down that they are usually stereotyped to being smart, strict parents, all As and good at everything school related. Typically they deal with these stereotypes by ignoring them. Out of all these kids most females typically get these stereotypes during school outside of class. Most males deal with these stereotypes in school or in sports/athletics.

Our school has many different groups of people who attend it. There are the different races, groups, and genders. Everyone is affected by stereotypes, maybe not equally, but everyone has to deal with something. Bringing negative stereotypes upon students at school is a...

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