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Stereotypes Of Women Offenders Essay

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Man accused of killing Canadian tourist faces judge’, ‘Man gets nearly 14 years in abortion pill case’, and ‘Man arrested, accused of assaulting jewelry seller’, are the few of many article headlines WSVN-TV, and many other news stations air on a daily basis about male offenders. Although, many news reports are geared towards women offenders also,it is in no comparison to what the media’s representation of male offenders looked like for many decades. Just like anything, males have always dominated throughout our society, whether that be in a corporate or even a criminal standpoint. But lets not turn away from women and say that they are not moving up throughout our history whether that be in Education, Government or even our UCR data reports. Like, I mentioned before, the Media plays a significant role in reminding their audience that men have always been the aggressor and women are just fragile victims. In the depiction that, the Media is what controls many of our point of views the two of many stereotypes and assumptions about females offending that we have is that they are usually offenders because they are victims or they were not taught the how women are suppose to behave throughout society.
To many researchers, “Gender is the strongest factor indicating a person's likelihood to break the law, these (almost exclusively male) researchers rarely thought it was necessary to include women or girls in their samples.”(Belknap, 2007, pg. 3) Nevertheless people including myself, have viewed women to be more neutering and passive, not aggressive as we would describe a man to be. However there is always the few who will go beyond research and make a point that women have risen to the occasion of being well known offenders.
Throughout our Criminal Justice System female offenders have been a minor topic in comparison to a major topic male offenders face on a daily basis. "In 1990, the American Correctional Association published the results from a survey it conducted on female offenders. Based on the responses of 2094 female offenders in 400 state and local correctional facilities, a very detailed profile of the female offender was produced.” (Crews, 2001, Status Report of Female Offenders) However, it only became recent that females have been equally convicted for many offenses just as a male would be. Women unlike most men, know their target very well...

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