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What is wrong with female stereotypes in women magazines? Absolutely nothing. A stereotype is a generalization, a generalization is what the majority of a given subject is like or what they do or do not do. There are numerous instances where stereotypes are problematic, but there are numerous instances where stereotypes are accurate and help. That is what women's magazine stereotypes are, they are accurate and helpful with the interests of what the female readers of these magazines are interested in knowing. For example, Glamour, Health, and Martha Stewart Living are women consumer magazines and their three main categories are sex, exercise, and foods.The producers of these magazines make them off of what their stereotypical consumers are interested in and portray women in their magazines that they feel their consumers would see as "easy on the eyes". Which would yourather read, an article about exercise with an overweight person or a physically fit person? Anyone that chooses the overweight one would surprise magazine producers because their stereotypical consumer would want the physically fit one.'Glamour' has a very specific stereotype in mind when it when it comes to their articles and layouts. It is filled with physically fit, attractive women. There stereotypical reader is interested in sex, exercise, and fashion, so of course their articles are going to be about sex, exercise, or fashion. The women models they have in there photographs are going to be more attractive than everyday women. They are paid a lot of money to look good, and on top of that they get their photos airbrushed to improve their looks even more. That does setup an unrealistic goal when a women working a fulltime, stress full job wants to look like one of these models, but it is definatly implied in these magazines that these women are models and not an everyday women will look like them.In Glamour May 2005 issue it has an article entitled "5 Ways To Show Your Shape Now", with no one credited for writing it, gives five tips on how to show off your body, obviously a sex related article among the many in this magazine. It talks about how to best show off your body according to your body type which is helpful to their stereotypical reader that wants to get helpful hints about what would accentuate their figure. This is helpful to the consumer they are aiming at because they want to know about things like this. So I ask you, what is problematic with producing what your consumer wants? Absolutely nothing. Another article from the same issue, "The Great Glamour Body Plan! Four Weeks Till Nothing Jiggles", is about exercise. This is because their stereotypical reader is interested in exercise and not having their fat areas jiggle. I find that this would be very helpful to their consumers that want to loose fat from their fat areas and is not hurting their consumer. So, again,...

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