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Stereotypical Thinking Towards Women Essay

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“A stereotype is a fixed, over generalization belief about a particular group or class of people. Stereotypes automatically tell the brain what to think about something or someone, even though it is most likely not true” (McLeod). The stereotypical thinking towards women limit their opportunities to pursue leadership roles in the United States politics and in the marketplace.
The roles of men and women from the past have influenced the thoughts of people about which positions are appropriate for the opposite genders. Women were taught to obey their husbands and stand by the system of coverture, which deprived married women of their civil status (Antebellum America). Women could not drink, ...view middle of the document...

8%) out of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives” (Knowledge Center). These statistics show that very few women are in leadership roles throughout America. There is a lack of diversity in the government and the marketplace. Imagining a woman in the role of a leader is considered bizarre, which makes them feel as if they shouldn’t even try (Wijngaards). Women are being paid less than men, and have been for more than a decade. For the dollar a full-time employed man makes, a full-time employed woman earns 77 cents (Casserly).
Unlike the distinct line separating men and women in areas of power, some people are for having women in leadership roles. Arkansas Senator, Mark Pryor, said that people sometimes like to joke about women in leadership, but he is a huge fan of his female colleagues after watching them negotiate. "The truth is, women in the Senate is a good thing," he said. "We're all just glad they allowed us to tag along so we could see how it's done” (Bassett). Few amounts of people agree with the thought of allowing women to take control in leadership positions and those people still cannot change the world’s views. “While some major U.S. companies have made it a priority to advance women into leadership roles, a massive gender gap still remains when it comes to those positions at the top. According to a new Catalyst census of Fortune 500 companies, there has been little to no increase of female CEOs, CFOs and board members over the past three years” (Vagianos).
Instead of fighting against gender inequalities, the United States needs to fight for the togetherness of both men and women in politics and in the marketplace to rebuild the connotation of a leader to create leadership which benefits everyone. Business schools can eliminate the stereotype in that business schools can only train typical managers in monotonous dark suits (Petit). The stereotypes that create negative thoughts and ideas towards women lower their chances to seek leadership roles in the United States politics and in the marketplace.

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