Stereotyping All Over The World. The Pros And Cons Of Stereotyping.

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Stereotyping is a controversy today all over the world. Stereotyping is also extremely common and is heard everyday. Although there are bad points to stereotyping, there are also some good points in stereotyping. The Eric Berne's Article "Can People Be Judged by Their Appearance?" and the film Breakfast Club will be used for resources and examples. Understanding other people's emotions or feelings because that is just the way they act can be used as a good thing for stereotyping, but when used incorrectly the results can turn out horribly.Stereotyping can be used as an advantage because when working with a workforce, customers or anyone can allow you to understand the person's personality. This is usually based on what kind of ethnicity the person is. You can forgive a person if he is bitter or stubborn because this is just the way they act or rose in their childhood. Although Berne's point of view is slightly different (body descriptions instead of ethnicity) his article describes,"Nevertheless, it is important for the individual to know about these types, so that he can have an inkling of what to expect from those around him." Paragraph 15Using these skills, you can be a more friendlier and understanding employee to your fellow workers.When being a minority or a majority of ethnicities, you can be stereotyped or stereotype others. If you can avoid these stereotypes, then you can surprise them or even make more friends without being stereotyped against. One bad stereotype is Asians and driving, many people stereotype against Asians on the road because they do not drive well. Not every Asian drives horribly (although a majority does), so if you can overcome that statement, then other people cannot stereotype against you or your ethnic group. You also must know what is stereotyped against you in order for you to not look or act ignorant.When stereotyping others is bad enough already, stereotyping others and being wrong makes you look bad and ignorant at the same time. People should not stereotype because it can be wrong and not always true. In the film Breakfast Club, each member of the group had a stereotypical name, when all of the students told the truth about each other, they...

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