Stereotyping In Media Essay

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Stereotypes in Media

Stereotypes are generalizations or assumptions about people in a group, based on a perceived image or idea. There are many ways in which people stereotype, including racial, gender-based, ethnicity, and even occupation. Stereotyping can take place anywhere; school, work, newspaper, and even television. The television show “The Big Bang Theory” is a perfect example of a show that portrays a lot of stereotyping.
“The Big Bang Theory” is a television show about two brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, geniuses in how the universe works and in the laboratory, but socially awkward when it comes to everything else. Their lives change when a beautiful, young, ...view middle of the document...

V. show also shows small signs of racism. Again, Raj, who is an Indian that speaks with a strong Indian accent, often makes remarks admiring America, which illustrates a common behavior of how Indians admire America. Additionally, Raj’s parents are often seen trying to interfere with his love life. Portraying the ideas of what America believes about Indians and arranged marriages.
Another great example of stereotype that is used in “The Big Bang Theory” is gender role. The first of many is the “dumb blonde” stereotype. This is portrayed by, Penny. She is the young, beautiful; blonde that lives across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. In almost every episode Penny is showed as the air head that is socially smart. She has the mentality “hot but stupid”. Gender role is also portrayed by Howard. This role includes that of which men are superior to women and that women should basically be slaves to men. In many episodes Howard demands that his mother and girlfriend cook and clean for him. He also has goals of getting laid, which leads to him hiring prostitutes, lying to women, stalking them, and even chasing them through parks. He talks to women like they are used for nothing other than sex.
“The Big Bang Theory” is a show that portrays many forms...

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