Stereotyping Of Bend It Like Beckham And Billy Elliot

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Stereotyping of Bend It Like Beckham and Billy Elliot


In this essay I will discuss about the stereotyping of Bend it like
Beckham and Billy Elliot and the different cultures. In Bend it like
Beckham the mum of the main character doesn't want her to play
football because she is a girl and it isn't honourable for the family.
She won't let her play football because of this but Jess plays
football behind her back. In Billy Elliot, the boy starts to dance and
the dad is against boys dancing and says they should be out boxing or
playing football. This film was set during the miner strike.

In Billy Elliot, there was a lot of stereotyping, mainly towards Billy
being a dancer. Billy has an older brother and a dad who works in the
mines but is out on strike in the film. His mum died when he was
little. Billy became a dancer when he was in the boxing and had to
stay behind because he wasn't hitting the bag properly. He then saw
the Girls all dancing and the teacher asked him to join. She asked him
if he was scared and wasn't bothered about the fact that he was a boy,
and didn't think dancing was only for girls. When she corrects Billy
for not doing something right, she doesn't look bothered that there is
a boy learning to dance. She asks Billy if he's scared to come back
again to Dance next week. This is questioning Billy's Characteristic
to see if he isn't bothered about the other boys stereotyping him
being a dancer when only girls are "supposed" to dance. When his dad
finds out about him dancing. He starts having ago at him telling him
that Boys are supposed to be boxing or playing football, which is
wrong because there are some women football players as well. Billy
uses his dancing to show that boys can do dancing as well by dancing
in front of his dad later on in the film. The director uses happy
music when Billy dances in front of his dad to make it look like he is
fighting against the stereotyping. When Billy's brother has a go at
the teacher when she says that Billy missed a dance audition, this is
stereotyping because the brother has a go at the teacher and says that
he would be embarrassed to have a brother that dances and that he
doesn't want a gay for a brother. This is stereotyping against dancers
and gays, because not all dancers are gay, just because they like
dancing and there isn't anything wrong with being gay just as long as
u don't try and get other people to join you. During this part of the
film, the director uses sad rock type music to show anger from his
brother. After this part, Billy starts dancing to release his anger,
this type of music is also rock too show that Billy is unhappy. You
can also see he is unhappy buy him Trying to climb the wall, which
looks like he is trapped in something and trying to get out of it.
Billy seems to express himself in...

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