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Stereotyping is judging someone and categorizing them into a certain group usually because of their religion or race. Although it is human nature to stereotype, stereotyping makes one feel uncomfortable and self conscious about himself. Ponyboy is a greaser, meaning he has greased up hair, wears tight white shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. Peoples first impression on a greaser is that they are thugs and do not respect other people. “Are you going to start in on us?” (Hinton 22). Cherry, her friend, Dally, Ponyboy, and Johnny were all watching a drive-in movie. Cherry Valance, a Socy cheerleader, was being harassed by Dally. She was getting annoyed with him because of his dirty jokes and then expected that Ponyboy, being a greaser, would treat her the same way. Ponyboy, when asked by Cherry if he was going to start in on her response “No.” This surprised her because she assumed he was a stereotypical greaser, but really she noticed how he isn’t like the others. She saw how innocent he was after talking to him for a while. Ponyboy is self conscious of being a greaser because in any situation, people perceive that he will act a certain way. He does not act like the stereotypical greaser because he does not want to be associated with the negative behavior characteristics of a greaser. He might feel like he is letting down his greasers by not having the same attitude as his fellow greasers. He wants people to know he is a good person who respects other people. Cherry was then talking about her veiws on a Soc, including herself. She said, “We’re sophisticated--cool to the point of .............but I’ll rave about one to a girl-friend just to be saying something”(Hinton 38). She is fulfill the expectations of the stereotypical Soc, a person who is devoid of emotion and is consumed with always trying to be cool. She recognizes that her behavior is to fulfill the characteristics of being a Soc, but that is not really who she is. She is also affected by stereotyping because she does not like or agree with her behavior, but none the less still wants to fit in with her fellow Socs. Esperanza,from the book The House on Mango Street,...

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575 words - 2 pages one another, communicating, and thoughts on education. Each student must clear their mind off all stereotypes, and be open minded to different cultures and different walks of life. This would bring many different forms of education, along with clear new ideas having minority and non-minority students educate one another and others around them to the truths of life. Stereotyping would soon vanish. This would leave the possibility of a free truthful life for every man and women in the world.


1507 words - 7 pages everyone’s mind. I completely agree that stereotyping has a negative impact on all that it relates to it. It causes a negative aspect making us confused about the world, especially in this world we live in today and the ugly sociality we come in contact with on a daily bases it is impossible for us not stereotype others whether its for personal reasons, or even protecting ourselves from danger. It’s a habit that someone can’t easily get rid due to the

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