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Steroid Abuse Essay

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Super Human with Super Side Effects: Anabolic SteroidsA major problem in today's society is the use and abuse of anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are becoming more available and more abused each year. Athletes ranging from professional football and baseball players to high school athletes are now abusing these drugs. The appeal of steroid use stems from the belief that their effects will give athletes an edge on the competition. These drugs allow users to gain muscle faster and at a much larger scale than the average human; allowing them to become bigger, faster and stronger than the rest of their opponents but at what cost to their health? As the user continues to take the steroids, it becomes detrimental to their health. The side effects start small but increase rapidly and many stay for life. Steroids affect the body in three main ways: mentally, physically and emotionally. Using steroids can cause any number of problems to each of those. They affect both females and males in different ways. They turn men more aggressive and also cause them to lose their hair. In females steroids deepen their voice and cause facial hair to be grown. Steroids also cause emotional distress because it distorts hormone balances in the body (NIDA). Anabolic steroids can be tracked all the way back to the early 1930s. Scientists found a way to create the hormone testosterone synthetically. It was originally used for men who didn't produce enough testosterone for normal growth. The next major use of the steroids was by the German soldiers in World War Two. They used them to help soldiers gain weight and improve battle performance. After the war, many Olympic athletes started using the steroids and they grew in popularity throughout the world. These drugs were banned by the International Olympic Committee in 1975. The United States followed through banning all forms in 1990 (Anabolic Steroids). As sports teams attempt to crack down on the use of steroids, many players find ways around it. One major way athletes find a way to get them is by being prescribed by doctors. Many baseball players have been found guilty of paying off doctors in exchange for a steroid prescription.Despite their appeal, there are many negative effects of steroids. Some of the effects are short term and may only last a few months. Others are long term which could potentially last for life. The first physical effect of steroid usage is obviously getting bigger and stronger which is the purpose of taking them. Although that may seem like a good thing, it leads to many adverse outcomes down the line. The next thing that happens to male steroid users is their testicles begin to shrink. If the usage is short enough, they eventually grow back to normal size. If the drugs are abused too long, then they will shut down permanently (Anabolic Steroids). Users often get severe acne all over their body. This is often untreatable until they no longer take the drug. Using steroids can also lead to hair...

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