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Steroid Use In Sports Essay

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Around an astonishing ten to fifteen percent of professional athletes use illegal steroids which are also known as performance enhancing drugs. These substances which are banned in professional sports aren’t just any type of steroid or drug. They are called anabolic steroids or performance enhancing drugs, and they are synthetically produced substances of male testosterone hormones. The use of these illegal steroids has garnered a lot of publicity within the world of sports over the past few years. As athletes continue to become bigger, faster, and stronger many people wonder if this is due to steroid use. This has in turn lead many people to believe that the use of anabolic steroids or ...view middle of the document...

The poor decisions that professional athletes make can have a very big impact on these young athletes. In fact, in the article Kids on Steroids Willing to Risk it All for Success the author, Jacqueline Stenson, states, “Around 60 percent said that professional athletes influenced to use the drugs,” ( This shows how big of an influence professional athletes can have on high school athletes whether it is a negative or positive influence. The kids think that since the pros take steroids, it must be okay for them to take steroids. In the article Doping in Sports and its Spread to At-Risk Populations, the authors David Barron, David Martin, and Samir Abol Magd state, “They are being accepted by a whole new generation of young customers who see reports daily in the newspapers of sports icons accused of abusing drugs only to continue playing, breaking records and claiming fortunes,” ( This gives young kids the impression that they are invinceable as well. It allows them to think that they won’t get in trouble for using steroids since pros don’t get into hardly any trouble. If professional athletes were banned from sports after being caught using steroids however, young athletes would understand that it is not okay to use steroids.
Professional athletes who use steroids also have a negative impact on their sport and their organization. When athletes abuse the use of steroids that are illegal in sports, it doesn’t look honorable. According to April Ashby in the article Why Steroids have no Place in Sports, “Sports are about competition on equal footing, with respect for the opponent, and with respect for the rules of the game,” ( It can often bestow a bad name for the sport because some people, as they always do, start to assume. They think almost all athletes in that sports league are taking substances that are illegal. That can start to give that league a very bad name even though it is just a select group of people breaking the rules. In reality, it isn’t at all the leagues’ fault because they are the ones trying to stop this from becoming more of a dilemma. The same things happen to the organizations these athletes play for. When an athlete gets caught, many fans often put blame upon the organizations. They start to believe their teams are the ones persuading the athletes to take these steroids, but once again, the athletes are the only ones to blame. No organization would ever want their athletes to miss important games because they have to serve a suspension from using steroids. If athletes were banned after being caught utilizing steroids, organizations and sports leagues wouldn’t have to take the blame for athletes’ mistakes.
If athletes who were found using performance enhancing drugs or steroids were banned from sports, it would make the game more fair and more safe. All athletes would have equal advantages because there wouldn’t be athletes cheating by using performance enhancing drugs or...

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