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Steroid Use In People Everywhere Essay

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Anabolic steroids can weaken the body’s defenses against viral infections and cancers, even at doses much smaller than those used by cheating athletes. If they are weakened, viral diseases and tumors may find it easier to take hold in the body, potentially placing those who take steroids for prolonged periods at risk. Athletes have used these drugs for a long time, “Dr. Weatherby said, But now for the first time we were able to show that androgenic anabolic steroids have a seriously detrimental effect on a specific part of the immune system.” Steroids have the ability too help you gain muscle and/or body fat. “There was a young man in high-school named Chris Wash who managed to go from a fatty 180 pounds to a big and bulky 230 pounds with shoulders so big he could barely put on his backpack” (Alder). The fact that the athletes who use steroid’s put their career on the line for a better and stronger body with a drug is wrong. Steroids are organic compounds, they are natural or fatty substances that contain four fused rings.
Most drugs can take years to effect you, alcohol can take decades but steroids only take one year. Steroids are illegal and have focused on professional and Olympic athletes. The most vulnerable users may be high-schoolers who are making a frightful risk of the side effects that can lead to death. Anabolic steroids have also been used by professional and college athletes to improve athletic ability by increasing muscle size and strength. “A self-report questionnaire, which allowed multiple answers for each question, was administered to 853 male students in six high schools. Results indicated that an average of 11% had used or were using anabolic steroids” (Gilis). The fact is now known that more high school and college students use an illegal muscle building. “Steroids are hormones, and for the body building purposes the ones of interest are anabolic steroids, which is a number of related compounds that mimic the effects of testosterone, the male hormone secreted by the testes” (Alder).
While many people wish there was a magic answer to the body results they want, it is not always the healthiest choice for a long term solution. “Knowing that people all over the world (even in sports) who will take illegal drugs to get the “competitive advantage” against other people” (Schmalts). However even with the use of steroids, you will only be as “big” as their body allows them to be. The full, long term risks of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids and human growth hormone aren’t fully known, but it is known that they can have lifelong implicants, especially when they’re used by teens who are...

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