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Steroid Use Among Athletes In recent years steroid use by young athletes has increased dramatically, and growing at an alarming rate. Originally developed to help cancer patients and victims of starvation, they are derived from the male sex hormone testosterone. In recent decades steroids have been abused by many athletes hoping to improve performance. Besides the unfairness their use introduces into competition, steroids can have serious psychological and physiological side effects, including increased aggressive behavior and cancer of the liver.Developed in the late 1950s, steroids were used to help treat illnesses such as; burns, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases, and as protection for blood cells during treatment for cancer. Although steroids have been used since the 1960s by athletes who want to increase their athletic performance, and by bodybuilders that want better bodies.Steroids work by helping the body synthesize protein for muscular growth, therefor athletes who use them recover more quickly after a work out or game. Steroid use also increases aggressiveness and strength that increases the intensity of a work out. The harder an athlete works out, the greater the gains he makes, the stronger he gets, the better he becomes. Steroids do not only make a person angry, they also cause great gains in pure muscle mass, muscle endurance, and muscle strength."The need to be the best has driven athletes to steroid abuse..."(Nasser,105). The first usage of synthetic steroids was by bodybuilders who wanted to make extra gains and look more muscular. The steroids available in the sixties were weaker and safer than the steroids that are being used today. Old photographs of bodybuilders then and now show the difference that steroids use has on the body. I the seventies a bodybuilder who weighed two hundred and thirty pounds was considered big, now adays bodybuilders who weigh over four hundred pounds are very common.When I was competing I was considered big at six-feet two-hundred forty pounds. Now you have people like Dorian Yates who weighs well over three-hundred eighty pounds. Thats not right, little children are afraid of him, he can't even scratch his own back...he will be lucky to live two more years....Its just not worth it to do roids.(Schwarzenegger,96).Great athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Lewis, Flex Wheeler prove that steroids are not needed to become a great athlete. Athletes who have been caught using steroids in the Olympics have had their medals taken away, the NFL, NBA, and NBL have all banned the use of steroids. The Federation of Bodybuilding is in the process of banning the use of steroids much like the Arnold Classic Championship and the Natural Body Competion.Teens often feel obligated to taking steroids when they see other teens taking steroids and making incredible gains, they feel the need to keep a competitive edge and often resort to talking illegal steroids..Teenagers...

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