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Steroids And Sports: Baseball Problems Essay

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No matter what level of baseball an athlete competes in, they will do almost anything to gain an advantage on their opponent and to win. Unfortunately, this leads many players; not just in professional baseball, but high school and college, as well, to turn to steroids. There have been numerous scandals amongst some of the greatest hitters in history, names such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, Sammy Sosa, and many others, are associated with using performance enhancing drugs (peds). The simple truth about steroids is, that they do work; there is no way around it. There are plenty of motives, along with side effects, athletes are the main abusers, and the obtainability of ...view middle of the document...

Most athletes disregard this for the prospect of having increased skill. It all boils down to the simple truth; that athletes will do anything to be the best. This quote is about the issue of steroids in Major League Baseball.
“Today, as is so true in the world at large, the presence of drugs in the sport is greater than ever. The reasons for this are the same in both worlds. Modern science has developed more drugs and for a wider variety of medical problems- than were ever dreamed of in the earlier ages. Modern Means of transportation and distribution have made these myriad drugs more readily available to greater numbers of people than ever before. Also, the pressures and strains of daily life seem especially sharp at present” (Dolan 13)
There are many results of taking steroids which help them achieve it.
While there are many “upsides” to steroid use, they do come at a price. Not only do steroids come with the risk of being suspended from the game of baseball, but many diseases and health issues come as a result. In teenagers, there is a strong risk of stunted growth, because the steroids cause them to gain muscle and size faster than what would be natural. Steroid abuse also causes the clogging of arteries, which leads to high blood pressure. An ex-player had a heart attack at the age of thirty-five, as a result of many years
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of steroid use. Tests revealed, that two arteries leading to his heart were seventy percent blocked, while a third was an astonishing ninety-nine point nine percent clogged (Dolan 2). Aside from this more life-threatening risk, other hazards are present; such as an increased amount of injures from the human body being unable to handle all of the excess, unnatural weight and muscle (Nuwer 75). Another prominent side effect of steroid abuse is a “symptom’ that causes the user to feel a heightened aggression, more commonly known as “‘roid rage.” A large amount of athletes interviewed claimed to have ‘roid rage after the use of performance enhancing drugs (peds). One interviewed player (chose to remain
nameless) stated that once he when he was taking the drug be began to feel “godlike” and “invincible;” this led him to violence and put him in dangerous situations. (Nuwer 45).
Even though steroids have a lot of dangerous side-effects and illegal usage in sports; they were originally developed, and are still used, as a treatment for injures. Steroids, as a matter of fact, can even be distributed to professional athletes to treat knee injuries and other bone fractures. “Anabolic steroids were originally developed to treat medical conditions such as hydro genism, pathologically delayed puberty, metastatic breast cancer, and the severe muscle wasting of aids patients.” (Carroll 45).
The main abusers of steroids are usually professional athletes, more specifically baseball players. Baseball players are definitely not the only athletes to abuse these drugs, but some of the most famous scandals are of baseball...

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