Steroids And The Effect On Humans And Society.

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Steroids and the effect on humans and societyThesis Statement: In today's society steroids are a big influence on our teenagers. Therefore many students turn to steroids to fulfill their parents andcoaches wishes. Without even knowing the risks involved in using steroids.I. BackgroundII. UsersA.TeenagersB.AthletesIII. Effects on malesA ProsB. ConsIV. Effects on FemalesA ProsB. ConsSteroidsSince the beginning of time humans have always been trying to get stronger and faster. Now there is a solution to this problem. Is it good for you or is it bad? You decide. In today's society steroids are a big influence on our teenagers. Therefore many students turn to steroids to fulfill their parents and coaches wishes. Without even knowing the risks involved in using steroids.Most people know what steroids do for the human body. Many do not know were it has come from and how it is made or even some street names. Steroids have many names used by the buyers and sellers on the streets. Sauce, roids, juice, power pills are just a few of the names used (Steroids, 1-4). Steroids are produces chemically by many plants and animals (Lukas -7). 1939 Scientist suspected that sex hormones might improve the physical or athletic aspects of human's performance. Studies in1944 confirmed this. Rumor has it that the earliest use of steroids were from Hitler's men in WWII. Also in WWII prisoners that were in concentration camps were given steroids to help male nourishment. Steroids would help the prisoners gain body weight back (Lukas-4). In 1988 Doctors called this "Year of the Steroids". Since so many athletes started using them for sport events and the Olympics. Steroids are different from many other drugs addicts use. While many other drugs affect you're brain, make you forget things, and make your stress go away. Steroids mainly help with muscle growth (Lukas-21).Six weeks is the common cycle length for the steroid user. The reason for this is the body needs time to change chemistry after the cycle use. The user will stop taking for weeks or even months. While many users will continue if they have been taking steroids for a while. Most do not change their minds about taking steroids, it is that they have a sporting event and they want the drug out of their system in case they are tested (Lukas-19).Produced from these plants and animals are three major steroids. Anabolic androgens build up the bodies muscles and hasten bone development. While Adrenal steroids controls the bodies stress. Cortico steroids (cortisones) reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis and sport injuries (Steroids -7). There are also two ways to take steroids, capsule form and injection. Many users use injec5tion since it last a week and pills last only 24 hours. While injection is better it will last longer in your system, it will also show up on your test (Lukas-19).Both male and female students in u\U.S. schools use steroids for sports or just appearance. In a survey conducted in 1971 showed that...

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