"Steroids Destroys Athletes" Essay

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Anabolic steroids were first developed about a century ago. When steroids were just starting to come out, doctors thought that they were a miracle drug that had the ability to build more body tissue and create more muscle mass. Steroids first major outbreak happened after World War II. They were used back then to help recover injured people who survived the war. Then after some time, doctors found out that steroids were not what they were all said to be. I personally think steroids are one of the worst chemicals you can put in your body, therefore they should be banned. That's why my essay is on steroids.Steroids have very well been known to have good side effects, but it also has its many bad side effects. Some may be very minor problems, and others can be so bad that it leads to death. There are a lot of changes inside your body that take place while abusing steroids, and some will not be recognized until its too late. Most effects will become permanent, but there a few that can be temporary. The side effects for both male and female are high blood pressure, heart disease, liver problems, blood clots, cancer, strokes, urinary problems, headaches, vomiting, sleeping disorders, severe acne, and some baldness. Side effects for just males include lost of testosterone, reduced sperm count, impotence, increase in nipple size and enlarged prostate. Since steroids react as a male hormone, women could have male side effects. Some of these side effects may include reduced breast size, the growing of extra body and facial hair, a deeper voice, and menstrual problems. A few other effects that are possible for the abuser to experience are some emotional side effects and not physical. These include hallucinations, paranoia, and depression. Those are the most common. Young teenagers are at greater risk when using steroids because it can cause an early growth stoppage if the teen continues to use the drug.Besides all of the health problems mentioned above, steroids bring up a very controversial issue. Is it cheating to use steroids in sports? I definitely think so, here's some reasons why. Many professional sports teams are using steroids to gain an extra strength advantage on their opponent. It has to be cheating because it does not make a very fair match up. The most cases of steroid abuse happens in the MLB and NFL rather than any other sports. A ball player who is all-natural, and not using steroids, is usually at a disadvantage when matching up against someone who uses steroids. In the long run, however, the player not taking steroids will be able to play longer because he should be in better health than the guy using the drug. Even though using steroids is the quickest and easiest way to make strength gains, it could be very dangerous and is not recommended. You can even see sports players getting suspensions and fines for this drug abuse. The use of steroids though, has been around for quite...

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