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Steroids In Professional Athletics Essay

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Steroids in Professional Athletics

Just take the shot! It will help you this season; you will be able to do things that you never would have thought possible. Will taking steroids really help your performance as a professional athlete? Many professional athletes find that this is the best way to enhance their athletic abilities but it only promotes physical damage in the long run. If the use of steroids isn't stopped by professional leagues it just shows that they don't care about their athletes and will continue to watch many of them drop like flies from physical damage caused by steroids. The use of anabolic steroids on professional levels should be banned, and any athlete that chooses to use them should be suspended from their sport until they can show proof that they have quit abusing the substance.

Steroid use has been widespread throughout professional sports, especially in the past few years. It is a topic that is in the news day after day, especially the past few years. If you turn your television to any sports channel you are going to find the recent allegations against Barry Bonds and his use of a master steroid. The developments of steroids that can?t be found in drug testing have made many players jump at the option of using them for performance enhancement. Most of the players use them without knowledge of the harmful affects that will soon reek havoc on their bodies. The short term performance you gain with steroids isn?t worth the long time damage you receive from them. All professional sport leagues need to boost their drug testing policies, so the use of illegal agents can be eliminated from sports forever.

Steroid abuse has been a main factor in many cases of death amongst athletes. The effects of the steroids cause problems within the athlete?s bodies which much of the time led to death or harm to their bodies. ?When late football player Lyle Alzado contended in 1991 that anabolic steroid abuse caused his inoperable brain lymphoma, which ultimately killed the retired football player?? (Denham 63) Yet athletes continue to disregard warnings of the harmful affects and persist on abusing the illegal substances. I think Barry Bonds current injuries can be blamed on his use of designer steroids. This just goes to show that he had his time to shine in breaking many professional baseball records but now he is paying the price for the abuse of steroids. The journal of the American Medical Association has tested many illegal steroids and has found that they give you mass results like all athletes look for in using steroids; however steroids do cause adverse effects such as breast enlargement, heart disease, and cancer. (Denham 64) A group of athletic trainers were brought together and began a 6 to 18 week study of the affects of steroids on several athletes; at the end of the study they came up with result of massive gains in strength but there were signs of cardiovascular disease developing in...

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