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Steroids Should Be Limited To Doctor Prescription

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The penalty for trafficking anabolic steroids is up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000, and this is only if it’s your first-offense (DeNoon 1). Second-offense trafficking can result in double the penalty (DeNoon 1). Anabolic steroids are (non-prescribed) steroids used for increasing human growth hormone (HGH) levels within the body. These types of steroids were first created in the 1930s and were originally used to treat children suffering from delayed growth. Should steroids be allowed for open use to the public? According to multiple sources, no, steroids should be limited to doctor prescription only. Steroids are not safe if they are available to the public for a multitude of reasons; side-effects can be deadly in the form of many different types of sicknesses, positive effects are small and they only occur in a small area, negative effects vary in terms of physical appearance, reasons why people illegally use steroids are unjust, and there are several ways in preventing anabolic steroid use.
Side-effects from anabolic steroids range anywhere from impaired judgment to serious heart problems, but most symptoms affect one’s mind and actions. In the case of affecting the patient’s mind, side-effects may cause paranoid jealousy, delusions, impaired judgment, “road-rage”, and feelings of invincibility. In a steroid forum, many steroid users have found themselves becoming jealous easily, they believe this to be the work of increased testosterone levels, making them more emotional. Patients who become delusional are often referred to as having steroid psychosis, meaning they may hear, see, or think things that are nonexistent. Based on researchers’ knowledge, steroid psychosis occurs when large amounts of corticosteroids increase dopamine levels within the brain, which may lead to depression, mood swings, and psychosis (Seipel 1). Dopamine is a transmitter in the central nervous system which controls movement, emotion, and even the hairs on your body to stand when listening to music. Impaired judgment is related to steroid psychosis by direct means of poor judgment being caused by insanity (Hooley 1). A victim suffering from steroid psychosis is in a world of their own and in that world they control everything, leading them to believe that bad decisions are good decisions (Hooley 1). Most symptoms stem from insanity such as “roid-rage” and feelings of invincibility. “Roid-rage” is when a patient becomes outraged when the slightest of things don’t go their way, and sometimes they become angry for no reason at all. When a steroid taker begins to feel invincible, it’s often because they’re not thinking straight. As previously stated above, victims of steroid psychosis believe that they’re in their own world and control everything. The imaginary power they gave themselves goes to their head and they begin to think that they’re above everyone and indestructible, but then when things don’t go their way, they become...

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