Steroids Usage With Professional Athletes Essay

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“I do not take steroids. I never have. It's sad to me that people want to point fingers. I don't do that. That's not me. I wouldn't feel like a human being.” This was said by the famous track athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee, who was accused of using anabolic steroids, but fought the rumors. The reason she said this is because steroids change every part of you, physically and mentally. Although steroids help with sports performance in speed and strength, steroid use should not be given to professional athletes because it has many side effects along with infinite health problems.
Steroids also known as “roids” are used everyday by athletes. Athletes use it because steroids are drugs that increase body mass and helps build more muscle tissue. The drug is either injected in their system or taken as a pill. This gives the athletes an advantage when playing a sport, helping them with their performance. Secondly, steroids help the body recover from a hard hit or workout, helping them train harder and faster. But sometimes many athletes are encouraged to use steroids by their coaches or parents. They all believe that the drug increases aggressiveness and makes the athletes more competitive, getting them the trophy they want. Some athletes that have used steroids were mainly baseball players like Barry Bonds, Track star Marion Jones and professional cycler Floyd Landis. Although their sports performance was astonishing, they were suspended, career ended, or disqualified from the sport they played.
Anabolic steroids have their benefits to an athlete's career, but it also has its disadvantages. When athletes use steroids it has many side effects and health problems. Steroids are derived from testosterone, which then causes many effects on the hormone levels of both men and women athletes. Some of the many side...

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