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Steroids Users Should Never Be In The Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame

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Year 1965, this year will be exceptional because there will be no living player whose name is going to Cooperstown for the induction into the baseball hall of fame (Breitbart Sports Para 1). The great players of the era such as Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens received very low votes because of being associated with performance enhancing drugs (Breitbart Sports Para 4). Even though the game baseball forbids the use of performance enhancement drugs such as steroids, more players are today opting to risk bans on several games so as to improve on their performance. Some sportsmen who are excellent players use the drugs to help them relax or recover quickly from injury. The controversy comes in on whether the good players who have tested positive on performance enhancing drugs should be admitted to the Hall of Fame (Berkovich 2). Some people argue that since the MBL Hall of Fame rules do not mention the issue of performance enhancement drugs; thus, the players can be admitted. However, the voters still believe that it would be unfair to vote in a player that cheats on performance using the drugs. This paper supports this view and argues that it is not ethical to honor players who have tested positive on performance enhancing drugs.
Baseball is a competitive sport that requires teams and individual players to compete fairly. From the point of trails to join teams, players are expected to prove their skills in playing the game as well as their physical fitness. Players who have skills but need physical fitness must exercises in order to improve on their fitness and be allowed to play. Therefore, players who use the shortcut of performance enhancement drugs such as steroids should not be considered as great players. Despite their high skills, they need the capacity to endure the physical challenges of the game. They want to use artificial energy to play the game against ethical practices (Rymer 3). Consequently, they should not be allowed to feature in the Hall of Fame.
The rules of Major League Baseball (MBL) do not allow the use of performance enhancement drugs (Berkovich 1). It is illegal for a player to use drugs that would stimulate their hormones or muscles to increase strength. The MBL performs surprise tests on players to ensure that none is using PED. The Hall Of Fame is also part of the MBL. Even though it may have the Hall of Fame, it has independent rules and exists because of the MBL. Therefore, it would not be logical for the rules of the game to constrain the use of drugs; only for the players caught and banned from the field of play to receive an award. If the MBL rules allowed the use of PED, then, it would be okay to allow all players into the Hall of Fame. However, the fact that the drugs are not allowed in the pitch of play should not be allowed in Cooperstown, which is an extension of the pitch.
Allowing players who have tested positive into the MBL hall of fame would act as endorsing the use of performance enhancing drugs. Players...

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