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Biography Of Steve Paul Jobs Essay

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Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955 in San Francisco to his birth parents, Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble. Steve was set to be adopted when he was born because his birth mother’s father didn’t want her to marry Abdulfattah. Joanne’s father was old and dying and threatened to disown her if she married Abdulfattah. So instead of raising Steve together they planned to have him adopted by college graduates. Unfortunately when Steve was born the planned adoptive parents decided to not go through with the deal because they wanted a girl instead, which left Joanne looking for someone else to fill that roll. She found Paul and Clara Jobs. Both Paul and Clara were high school dropouts. When Joanne learned about this she refused to sign the adoption papers. In order for her to agree to sign the adoption papers Paul and Clara made a pledge they would fund a savings account to pay for the boy’s college education. Jandali and Schieble subsequently married in December of 1955 and had Steve’s biological sister, Mona Simpson, several years later. Steve Jobs was the co-founder, chairman, CEO of Apple Inc., co-founder and CEO of Pixar, and Founder and CEO of NeXT Inc. From an early age, Steve was interested in technology. He loved working on electronics with his friend Steve Wozniak “Woz” and had a job at Hewlett-Packard when he was a teenager. On April 1, 1976 Jobs, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne created Apple. The company started off running in Steve’s parent’s garage. The company started off selling the Apple I, a computer. Apple continued to slowly progress until the Macintosh was released on January, 1984. The Macintosh was the first personal computer to have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) instead of a programming language. While trying to create a new computer Jobs and John Sculley Apple CEO (recruited by Steve) had many disagreements to the point where Sculley recommended Steve step down. Steve didn’t like this so he wanted Sculley to be ousted. Sculley didn’t like this so he wanted Steve to be ousted. Eventually it came to the decision Steve would be fired. Sculley didn’t think he would win and felt bad for getting Steve fired so he left Apple also. While gone from Apple, Steve created two companies, one successful and another that wasn’t. Steve created a computer company called NeXT, bringing some important Apple employees to it but it wasn’t too successful. Pixar was the name of the movie animation company Steve bought with his own money and made it rise to the top. Although Pixar was doing good, NeXT wasn’t. Luckily for Steve, Apple began failing without him for years and decided to buy NeXT to bring him back. Steve came back to Apple and did nothing at first. Then on July 1997 when Gil Amelio was ousted as CEO and Steve took his place. As a result of this Steve brought Apple back up. Although this was a major point in his life during all of this Steve also met Laurene Powell his soon to be wife, got married on March 18th 1991, and...

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