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Steve Jobs: The Man Who Revolutionized Technology

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“Quite simply, the Smartphone and the tablet, as we know them today, wouldn't exist were it not for Steve Jobs. While the world mourns the passing of a technology icon, everyone who's ever downloaded something from an app store, pinched to zoom on a touch screen, or browsed the Web on a full-featured mobile browser has been touched by his influence. That's a fitting tribute if there ever was one.” (Pachal 1) is a quote that accounts for only part of Steve Jobs impact on the world. Steve Jobs was a very influential man. Steve was able to think and operate a company like Apple, when nobody else could. If it were not for Steve, the population might never have seen touch screen handheld devices like the IPhone, IPod, or IPad which were all his ideas. Apple, the company he co-founded, saw awful sales and low market share during the 1990s. Steve jobs came back 1997 and from that point on Apple started its road to become a powerhouse in the technology market.
Steve Jobs revolutionized phones forever when he came out with the Apple IPhone. Apple's iPhone accelerated the smartphone industry. Other companies hurried to take on the iPhone's touch screen, helping start a frenzy of fierce intellectual-property battles between Apple and its rivals that continue to this day. On Oct. 4, a little more than 24 hours before the announcement of Jobs' passing, Apple unveiled its latest device in the line, the iPhone 4S. (At the time) Apple’s iPhone debuted five years ago today. The phone has distorted the smartphone terrain and ushered in the modern era of intelligent, connected devices. Just by itself, the iPhone 4 has also contributed to the way that people socialize with one another. At the time of its release it opened the widest area of options for individuals to converse with each other. You could opt between phone calls, text messages, video calls, instant messaging and social networking. “Apple's iPhone supercharged the Smartphone industry. Other companies rushed to adopt the iPhone's touch screen, helping launch a series of fierce intellectual-property battles between Apple and its rivals that continue to this day.”(Channel insider staff 1) While other phones have contributed to the shift in the way that we communicate with each other, iPhone 4 has had a major impact because of its adaptability and pricing.
Technology is making it easier for people to function independently in their homes, workplaces, schools, and communities. Things that were once thought impossible are now possible with the aid of new tools available to assist in the transition toward independent living. None have had as big an impact as the iPod Touch. “Now, with the introduction of the sleek little iPod, a $399 personal digital-music player, Steve has finally built a widget. About the size of a pack of cigarettes, the iPod is more than just a portable sound machine, however. It’s a new kind of gadget that has the potential to change how we think about personal audio-entertainment...

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