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Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. His biological parents put him up for adoption. Steve and Clara Jobs adopted him. After a couple of years in San Francisco he and his family moved to Mountain View California. Jobs grew up in a neighborhood of engineers. This inspired him to become a inventor. At the age of 13, he met Jobs Wozniak an 18 year old computer Genius.
Five years later, Jobs asked his parents if he could enroll in Reed College, but his parents could not really afford it. However they had promised his biological parents they would give him a college education so they gave in. Jobs only spent one semester at Reed College before he dropped out of school, and moved to a hippie community in Oregon, where he cultivated apples.
A couple of years later he returned to California to apply for a job. He got a job at Atari (a video game company which also made personal computers). Steve Wozniak his friend, also worked at Atari. With the money he earned from Atari he took a trip to India to "seek enlightenment". When he came back he started taking more interest in computers.
Wozniak started going to the Homebrew Computer Club and got so much knowledge there that he could build his own computer board. Jobs convinced him to make a company. The original purpose of Apple was for people who wanted to write a software without assembling a computer. Apple started on April 1st, 1976.
In the next couple of months Jobs andWozniak built computer boards called the Apple I. After the Apple I did not sell too well Wozniak started work on the Apple II a computer that could have color graphics. When the Apple II came out it crushed the competition. The sales made Jobs and Wozniak millionaires. After this huge success Apple went public. That increased Jobs net worth to 200 million.
Apple released the Apple III which flopped. At that time IBM made their own computer, the biggest threat to Apple yet they hoped they could come back with "Lisa" a computer named after Jobs daughter. When Jobs was working on Apple he was dating a girl named Chrisann Brennan. When they were dating she had a baby and Jobs refused to accept that he was the father. He did not give any money (though he had millions) to her or her baby. The baby was called Lisa.
When Jobs was working on Lisa he was kicked off the project. He was furious and he started a new project called Macintosh that was going to be a cheap product and as easy to use as a toaster. For the next three years
Jobs worked intensely and antagonized the workers on the Lisa. Apple realized the Lisa project was going to be another flop and the company started to focus on the Macintosh At the Superbowl they released macintosh. For the first few months it was very successful but by 1985 sales dropped.
Jobs was demoted, had no real power he could not work on the computers anymore so he started making a computer company called NeXT, for the higher educated. Apple threatened to...

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