Steve Jobs As A Transformational Leader

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A transformational leader is a person that lays his/her goals out and takes extraordinary measures to accomplish them. Their goals usually focus on the well being of the situation and their people. They strive to change the views of others and convince followers that the ethical behavior is morally correct of the leader's. An example of an exceptional leader would be Steve Jobs, the current CEO/co-founder of Apple Inc. Jobs is considered a leading figurehead in both the entertainment and computer industry. "Steve Jobs is listed as Fortune Magazine's most powerful businessman of 2007 out of twenty-five other top businessmen" (Wikipedia). Steve Jobs has made a large impact on our contemporary society due to his contributions, accomplishments he brought forth into the business world, and his tough managerial style.First of all, Steve Jobs is known for many contributions to the world of business but the noteworthy input was that he introduced Apple Inc. Apple is an American multinational corporation that focuses on innovative designing and manufacturing consumer electronics. Apple develops and sells personal computers, digital media players, computer software, cellular phones, and other electronic accessories. Throughout the past few years Apple is greatly known for their leading product: Apple iPod. With this contribution he pioneered digital technology to the masses. "As a visionary, he saw that computers could be much more than drab productivity tools. Instead, they could help unleash human creativity and sheer enjoyment" (Burrows). With the success of the iPod Job's dominated the music business with the music player and iTunes online music store. iTunes along brought forth a net revenue of 2 and a half billion dollars in only several months (Sellers). Job's vision turned into a worldwide phenomenon opening the eyes of every competitor that doubted Apple's ability. Jobs lived in the technological era that took place in the 21'st century. In such a short time frame Jobs periodically saw the shift in technology where in a time span of only 20 years humans have developed easier methods of improving their standards of life. Job's witnessed this phenomenon and how it reshaped businesses, labour, production, demographics, etc… During his time he foresaw where computers were at an introductory state and still continues to live where they are at a peak level. Computers are almost becoming a necessity in this market where Jobs can utilize this aspect as his competitive advantage. "In 2002, personal computers were a $220-billion industry" (Wikipedia). Job's most notable accomplishment was when he brought Apple back into the world where consumers were embracing technology as it evolved. Job's introduced the iMac. The strategic selling point of Apple entering this market with a personal device that had one simple unique choice that wasn't explored before with any other competitor: design. Job's knew that this approach would hold a competitive advantage...

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