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Steve Wozniak Was The Brains Behind Apple

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Steve Wozniak was the main designer on the Apple I and Apple II computers and worked together with his best friend Steve Jobs and incorporated others into the group development as well. Wozniak was known as the brains where Jobs was known as the business factor. When Stephen Gary Wozniak was born on August 11, 1950 in San Jose, California, the world had begun to technologically change. Wozniak tended to be a very curious child and his father always managed to inspire his curiosity for learning by assisting Wozniak with several science fair projects. Just like his father, Wozniak loved technology and his father who had been working as an engineer for Lockheed definitely motivated him and inspired him to take the right path. Wozniak studied engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. At the university, Wozniak had met Steve Jobs who was his best friend and would soon be his future business partner. Steve then dropped out of Berkeley to work for Hewlett-Packard by designing calculators. Wozniak also made a new friend by the name of John Draper who would be known as “Captain Crunch”. Draper was a famed hacker and he had taught Wozniak how to build a stealth device for making free long distance calls. This stealth device was called a “blue box” and to Wozniak, it was fascinating and convenient. Wozniak sold his HP scientific calculator and Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen van and with this the pair raised $1,300. They used this money to create their first ever prototype computer, which they called the Apple I. They then raised the new attention at the Palo Alto-based Homebrew Computer Club. On April 1, 1976, Jobs and Wozniak formed a development called Apple Computer. Wozniak decided that he would quit his job at Hewlett-Packard to work for Apple. He became the vice president in charge of research and...

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