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Steven Spielberg's Life And Accomplishments Essay

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This man is not only one of the greatest directors but also one of the most gifted, talented and successful director of all times. He started out with small single movies at first, and after catching people’s attention he started to develop methods in his own movies. He has years of experience in the film industry, and all of his films are well known and popular to this very day. He has received many winning awards for his movies, and was also nominated for best director. This director started at a young age, and has become one of the most talented directors today.
Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 18, 1946. Spielberg lived in a family of six including him, and he was the eldest of his siblings. His sibling’s names are Anne, Sue, and Nancy. In his early years he was forced to do a lot of relocating because of his parent’s jobs. His father Arnold was an electrical engineer and his mother, Leah, was a pianist. As he was growing up he had some complications to overcome, such as his parents’ divorce. “They hung in there to protect us until we were old enough," the filmmaker wrote in Time. "But I don't think they were aware of how acutely we were aware of their unhappiness.... When the separation finally came, we were no better off for having waited six years for it to occur” (“Steven Spielberg,” Authors). Not just that, but Steven had a hard time fitting in school as well, he was being teased because he was the only Jewish boy in his school. Spielberg’s religion and parent’s occupation made it hard for him to form friendships in school. At a young age of 13, he started making short films with his family’s help. Spielberg’s family contributed majority of their time to help Steven on his films. He submitted short films in contests and won many, showing how great and talented he is. At the end of his schooling, he already won awards for his short films. After winning contests and gaining recognition he developed more interest in the film industry.
As adulthood arrived Spielberg had settled down with two women, Amy Irving and Kate Capshaw. He only had one son before divorcing his first wife Amy, but had seven children with second wife Kate. His children’s names are Jessica, Sasha, Mikaela, Theo, Max, Sawyer, and Destry. “He’s now known as the family man or the giant kid” ("Steven Spielberg," Business). In 1980, Steven’s career began when he made his own company called “Amblin Entertainment”. Movies such as Gremlins, Back to the Future, Men in Black, Lincoln, Schindler’s List, E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, Indiana Jones, and many more movies were released in the Amblin Company. Spielberg not only directed movies but television shows that went hit on drama, such as ER and Tiny Toons, that went into the Amblin Company. Jeff Katzenberg helped him with the adventurous and animated movies in the early films, and with the help of his friend he improved in making animated movies. Later, Jeff Katzenberg, David...

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