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Stevenson Create A Sense Of Mystery And Horror In Mr Hyde And Dr Jekyll

1936 words - 8 pages

Stevenson Create a Sense of Mystery and Horror in Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll

In this essay I am going to look at Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll, the first
two chapters, and explain using quotes and information from these
chapters how the writer creates a sense of mystery and horror. I will
be focussing on the descriptions given about the characters and the
house which plays a significant part in this story.

This novel is about a highly classed doctor of science, named Dr
Jekyll. Dr Jekyll is a very clever professor who makes a mixture of
chemicals, which can turn him into a totally different person for a
short period of time. This power to become someone else lets Dr Jekyll
live two different lives, without anyone finding out, but this has
very bad consequences for the doctor.

As the story unfolds two characters, named Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield,
both high class lawyers. These two characters become very suspicious
about Dr Jekyll start to investigate. Finally Utterson meets Dr
Jekylls science experiment a man named Mr Hyde. Now Mr Utterson knows
this mysterious man, he reads over Dr Jekylls will, which states that
if Dr Jekyll dies or is missing for more than three calendar months,
Mr Hyde inherits all of Dr Jekyll possessions. Mr Utterson feels there
is something suspicious about Jekyll and Hyde. Now the experiment goes
badly wrong for Jekyll and Jekyll is found dead by utterson, but
beside his dead body was a letter explaining that Jekyll was Hyde and
that now Mr Utterson is the benefactor to his wealth and possessions.
This novel is full of mystery and horror which is what I am going to
be focussing on in this essay.

One of the first characters that Stevenson describes is Mr Utterson.
This character is the first people who the readers get too know they
get to know all about utterson, by the descriptions given by
Stevenson. "A man of a rugged countenance that was never lighted by a
smile" This could suggest to the reader that Mr Utterson is a grim or
evil character, which creates a sense of mild horror and mystery
already about this character. Now the writer again informs the reader
about uttersons look, "lean, long, dusty, and dreary." This could
imply that utterson is a creepy dark person, therefore again creating
a sense of horror and mystery about him.

This sense of mystery is portrayed again by Stevenson, in the way he
describes uttersons lifestyle and personality. "He never marked a
shade of change in his demeanour." This makes utterson sound like an
old fashioned, cold hearted man, therefore creating a sense of

Now the reader has been told of uttersons looks and what his
personality is like, now the writer informs the reader about uttersons
stature and influence on people around him. "The last good influence
of the lives of down going men." This foreshadows what...

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