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This report will be on the late Stevie Ray Vaughn, an extremly talented musicain. He was a Blues Guitarist who played with many of our great musicians like the king of Blues B.B. king and many others.Stevie ray was born the 3rd of October at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Texas. His family consisted of his father Jim, his mother Martha and his older brother Jimmy. Stevie recived his first guitar in 1961 he described it as a cheap three-string toy. This toy is what started the magic. The magic known as Stevie Ray.In 1970 Stevie decided to quit his day job and became a musican full time. A year later Stevie drops out of high school and move to Austin. In 73 Stevie gets with a band called The Nightcrawlers and they head to holly wood for a recording session, with the record company A&M. The album was never made.The Nightcrawlers went back to Texas. Along the way Stevie finds a beat-up 59 Stratocaster, it became his favorite and signature guitar. He named it "Number One". Stevie grow popular on the Austin club circuit with the band The Cobras. He later left the cobras and formed his own Blues and R&B band called The Triple Threat Revue. One of the members Lou Ann Barton leaves the band so the name changed to double Trouble.Double trouble and Stevie land many gigs in hot places. Like playing with David Bowie. Playing at private partys for The Rolling Stones. Stevie and Double Trouble sighned with Epic records, and in a mere two days make the awesome album of Texas flood. Texas flood was nominated for two...

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2158 words - 9 pages of it¹s models. Again this had been done in the first half of the 1800¹s. Artist endorsement models like the Les Paul, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Chet Atkins model¹s, which were of huge success had already been thought of and done like the Luigi Legnani model by Staufer in 1820.In the early 20th century guitars began to develop into what we know today. In 1903 the first Gibson catalog assured that instruments would be made of woods

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1587 words - 6 pages of us into the people that we are today. These pieces of Celtic folklore have shown me parts of my family that I never knew existed, and they are links to my past, present and future. Works Cited Browne, Ray B., William John Roscelli, and Richard J. Loftus. The Celtic Cross; Studies in Irish Culture and Literature. Freeport, NY: for Libraries, 1970. Print Desmond, Colm. Personal Interview. 3 November 2011. O'Brien, Máire, and

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1554 words - 7 pages ://>. Unterberger, Richie. Janis Joplin. All Music, n.d. Web. 26 Nov. 2013. . Wenner, Jann S. "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time." Rolling Stone 8 Dec. 2011: 32+. Print. Stevie Ray Vaughn. 2013. The Biography Channel website. Web. 26 Nov. 2013 <>.

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