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First known as Steveland Hardaway Judkins changed his original name to Steveland Hardaway Morris, known as Stevie Wonder (Source C-"Biography."). Born on May 13th, 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan Stevie Wonder was born with a condition called Retinopathy of Prematurity where he received too much oxygen in the incubator as a premature baby making him fully blind (Source A-"Steveland Hardaway Morris."). Retinopathy of Prematurity is the cause of a premature baby not yet having the vessels of the eye grow fully or abnormally from the retina to the rear of the eye. Therefore when the baby is placed in an incubator the amount of oxygen causes the vessels to grow uncertainly (Source B-"Retinopathy of ...view middle of the document...

“People keep on learnin / Soldiers keep on warrin’ “ (1-2). A war such as the Vietnam War encouraged Stevie Wonder to write the song “Higher Ground.”
Conflict since the 1950s in Southeast Asia was a substantial toll to the Vietnam War. Right when President Lyndon B. Johnson was elected in office, he escalated the commitment of anti-communist South Vietnam, submerging it into a drastic war (Source F-"The 1960s."). Referring to the song “Higher ground,” Stevie Wonder provides an in depth idea that soldiers, whom are the people, keep on dying “While your people keep on dyin’ “(6). As the war arouse and American soldiers and their allies where unprotected from communist Viet Cong, President Johnson was informed to take all matters to hand, leading to the draft. As war went on, “Teachers keep on teachin’ / Lovers keep on lovin’ “ (14-19). Although war was still going on people kept on living life “Cause it won’t be too long” (4).
In 1965, when the United States had started bombing North Vietnam, protestors started aligning to create anti-war marches. Groups such as the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) protested on college campuses that it was illegal to draft men into war (Source F-"The 1960s."). “On April 30th, 1970, Nixon had ordered American Ground troops to cross into Cambodia and “clean out” the bases the communists had been using for their “increased military aggression” (Source G-: "The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath."). The invasion in Cambodia ended shortly after a few weeks, when millions of protestors...

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