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This paper involves researching and preparing a report on a business career of your choice. I would expect you to use multiple resources and to also properly document those resources with footnotes as required. The paper should be a minimum of two to three double spaced, typed pages, not including your resources/works cited page. You should have a minimum of two outside resources. The text and Wikipedia may be used as resources but they do not count toward the two outside resources.

This is my Business Career Paper which is on the career of my choosing. I have chosen to go down the psychological path of education which is a wide array of various paths that intertwine like a thick cable of optic fiber surrounding a ping pong of information that goes back and forth. My interests are personal and come from the hard life I have lived. Beginning as a child. Their are multiple paths to choose from down the road but at this moment in time my curiosity and highlighted choices lead me down the path of forensic psychology. “First, it is important to realize that there are many different types of psychologists and the educational and licensing requirements can vary considerably depending on the specialty area you are interested in.”(Cherry)1

I would like to follow in the path of forensics because I want to help those who have lost someone close to them due to crime. I also would like to help retrieve justice for the defendant of upon whom this crime was committed. Their are so many people out their who have died or have been raped or abused physically, mentally and emotionally who don't find peace of mind and no one ever pays for the crime that they have committed. In California, I must “possess a doctoral degree in psychology, educational psychology, or in education with a field of specialization in counseling psychology or educational psychology from a nationally or regionally accredited (if recognized by the USDOE), or an approved academic institution that meets the provisions of Section 2914 (g) of the Business and Professions Code, as follows.”(California Board of Psychology) 2

The requirements permit different qualifications depending on where you live. I love interaction with people and I find others mind boggling. I come up with assumptions and silenced opinions about behaviors that are shared in the open or hidden in the dark. I notice things others don't notice about people. I analyze everything to a drop of substance on someone's shoe to the way a person talks and moves their eyes around during a conversation. Their are a lot of fields within psychology including but not limited to forensic psychology, school psychology, industrial psychology, organizational psychology, sports psychology and experimental psychology. I also have been interested in the experimental field of psychology which a degree can be obtained with a Psy.D masters degree or a PhD. With this education I can work and be involved in laboratory settings and private...

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