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Since starting my nursing career at Penn, my commitment to primary care across the lifespan has consistently been reaffirmed. While the accelerated nursing program has challenged me, I utilize outside resources when necessary while building upon proven personal strengths and learning strategies. This approach will help me succeed through the family nurse practitioner (FNP) fast track program and as I become a leader in my field. Because of my experiences, qualifications, and passion for primary care I believe I am uniquely eligible for the fast track program.
Throughout the summer and fall, Penn’s nursing program has supported my growth both professionally and personally. Initially, N103 (Psychological and Social Diversity in Health and Wellness) piqued my interest because I was able to give words to something I always knew – socioeconomic and environmental factors heavily influence health. As an individual committed to supporting the wellbeing of others, I hope to strengthen the health of populations through clinical care, research and policy addressing these social determinants of health. Later, my N720 (Nursing of Children - Theory I: Child and Family Development), N215 (Nursing of Women and Infants), and N225 (Pediatric Nursing) classes were notable in that through these classes I was able to fill the dual role of providing family teaching and patient care. Consistently, though, I find myself pulled towards discussions of patients' psychosocial and discharge care needs – typically roles more closely aligned with primary care. I excelled in N235 (Psychiatric Nursing), which more than teaching me about psychiatry, taught me how to engage with patients and quickly build a therapeutic relationship. Of course, the truly invaluable knowledge I gained through my physical assessment, pathophysiology, and basic science courses will assist me in my career for years to come. I look forward to further learning opportunities in the coming semester, and especially during my community clinical experience over the summer.
In just 6 months, I have progressed through numerous intensive classes, and by most measures, I have succeeded. Arguably, nursing school has been one of my most significant challenges to date. In part, I have been successful because I appreciate the intensity the accelerated nursing program offers, and I pursue additional opportunities to immediately apply my knowledge. In addition to my courseload, I teach CPR to expectant families at Pennsylvania Hospital, work as a clinical researcher at HUP, and volunteer as an EMT for the Narberth Ambulance Company. Further, I seek feedback and advice from mentors and instructors during the program. Finally, my...

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