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This event is comparable to when, Romeo avenged the death of this close friendMercutio, and them fights Tybalt Mercutio's killer, on his behalf.It was about two years ago, in elementary school; my friend had been putting up with a jerk since the 7th grade. This kid had done everything that is possibly imaginable to him. He made fun of the many things that my friend Brandon is better at than he is. The bully's name was Jake. Jake did every prank in the book to Brandon; he duck taped Brandon's locker shut, spat in his drinks, constantly tried to pick fights, and the worst part of all is after all this stuff the guy will come up to us, and say "Hey, Brandon, How was your day going?" like nothing ever happened, then he got mad at Brandon when he didn't answer him.I got so made that he's treating my friend like this that l wanted to confront him, but Brandon always stopped me. Anyways, Brandon and I had tried to go through the school and have them deal with him, but they didn't listen to us, even when we had a bunch of students back us up. So, l finally had enough of Jake, so l got the rest of my friends, and we set up a prank to get back at him. This guy had it coming to him. Since Brandon and I tried ignoring him, confronting him, and "persuading" him to stop by force, but he never listened. So l thought that he needs to pay for all he's done to everyone and especially Brandon!Since I am Brandon's friend, everyone expected me to handle him. So, I did I had come up with several ideas including sending him fake magazine subscriptions, prank phone calls, and various other pranks, but I thought that this kid needed to be publicly humiliated.So, I called my friends and told them to meet me at RIM Park, at the port-a-potty, to play...

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659 words - 3 pages not satisfied when he reaches it. Something is still missing.Chen Xin idolizes Shanghai, but he definitely looks at his return to Shanghai as at his final destination. After all this is the place where he spent his childhood. For better or worse, but his heart melts when he remembers his years spent in Shanghai as a child: "By sticking together, they had given one another warmth in hard times." (137) Longing for such warmth brought him back to the

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1230 words - 5 pages “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only one thing on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.” Throughout this whole book all that was on my mind was how the greasers and the socs would act with each other in society. Weather it is the three brothers sticking together or the socy girls sticking with the hoods when they were in public it was a full out brawl between the two. In the beginning

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677 words - 3 pages software that's tightly bound with the OS and so obviously better that any previous Linux desktop as to just clearly be simply perfect. All or most Linux distributors would then need to rally around this desktop software and work together to integrate it into the roots of the operating system. It is, after all, possible. But will it happen is the real question. I guess we will have to wait and see. Meanwhile Windows users are sticking with Windows. The Linux community demands way too much out of the PC enthusiast population.

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