Stigiophobia (Fear Of Hell) Essay

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The fear of hell. This phobia actually has four names. Hadephobia, Stygiophobia, and Stigiophobia or more commonly and simply, The Fear of Hell. This fear of Hell could be pretty great for some people. More so than others. It can separate you from your loved ones, friends, family work, school, and finally, life. It could haunt you so much that you wouldn't even be able to do anything except stay in your house or even just your bedroom.The symptoms of the fear are simple as probably any other phobia. Panic attacks, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, sweating a lot, probably feinting as well and so on. Of course these are all different for people with this fear. There are drugs that can help suppress this fear or more the symptoms for only a short time but, it doesn't kill. The drugs don't stop it for ever. They kill your body more than anything else.There are a lot of things can provoke the fear. People that are talking about it, watching a movie, listing to music related to it, seeing people that worship that sort of thing walking down the street. But I think the one time of the year that scares the hell out them the most would have to be Halloween. All of those kids running around screaming and playing and all of the creepy satanic stuff that is hanging up in store for the whole month. That would be enough to make me stay indoors all month long and then I would probably hold myself tight with a weapon or something on Halloween night.Some of the things that can cause someone to gain this crappy phobia is for starters, something happing in the past that caused you trauma and...

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1024 words - 4 pages he is "powerless to express" his fear. (Dante, Hell, XXXIV, 24) His experience in Paradise is more pleasant; he is "fixed in wonder" rather than paralyzed with fear. (Dante, Paradise, XXXIII, 98) Satan himself is an embodiment of the disunion in Hell. Like him, his realm is divided in sin. This is seen most clearly by the description of Satan's cannibalism. (Dante, Hell, XXXIV, 55) The body of Satan is a grotesque malformation, nature perverted

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1271 words - 5 pages divine justice so spurs them that fear is changed into desire" (404) In the Divine Comedy religious manners are implied and one must achieve the Divine Order to enter heaven.There are many ideas of the Medieval Ages contained in Dante's Divine Comedy. The period of the middle ages was an extremely religious period of time because during times of tribulations the Church gave people hope and a feeling of security. Dante's Hell was inspired by

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565 words - 2 pages place.Frightened, Dante continued on, but the souls moaning and crying out for help neverstopped. There was no help in this terrible place and certainly no hope. I think rightabout at that point Dante had a conscious check. He was probably willing at that point todo just about anything to get out of the inferno. I know I would have done anything toget out of there and fast. Hell probably made Dante fear judgment and to make thechoice to avoid going there at

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922 words - 4 pages for survival. The rule of nature is survival of the fittest. Thus fear evolved to become vital for survival, but what happens if a void opens up in the space where we feel fear? When the omnipresent is erased and we are left to wonder what fear is? When the grip that holds our leashes is lost, humans as a race will delve into hell. When madness itself takes hold of us, for being without fear in itself is madness, it creates a living hell in which

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2336 words - 9 pages death. Fear becomes a motivation because of the never ending threat of hell and pain for those who believe sin will bring eternal torment. Hell and Morals Alongside Dante’s Inferno, it is possible to question the validity of his argument. The argument being, whether or not hell encourages proper moral behavior. It is part of the human nature to be fearful of those things they cannot see or understand, the difficulty to deciding if the concept

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712 words - 3 pages movie’s vision of Hell is much more subjective than Dante’s objective vision. In, What Dreams May Come, Chris’ wife Annie shows that her vision of Hell is one in which she is without her husband and children. She is in her home on earth yet everything is vapid, dull and lifeless. In the Inferno, the suicides are located in Circle Seven among the violent against self subdivision. The punishment that they receive is not their fear

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803 words - 3 pages himself has committed their sins. Despite the obvious flaws of Dante himself, he does give a clear vision of how punishments will be taken forth in the afterlife. He gives reason to fear and respect the law of God lest eternal punishment be your only promise in the afterlife. These punishments are as relevant as can be, so he offers a very vivid picture of hell. The men that he puts in hell give it a realistic twist, enhancing the fear that is felt upon reading this work


2632 words - 11 pages Dante begins The Inferno by embarking on a journey to Hell with his poet guide, Virgil. Along the voyage, the reader gets a taste of the gruesome imagery and depictions of the punishments for the different levels of sinner. Throughout this journey Dante encounters many sinners whom he knew or knew of in the real world, and in the beginning the sinners wanted their name to be spread in the world when Dante got out of Hell. But, as Dante

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1775 words - 7 pages all terrible time. Dante utilizes the fear of Hell in which those around him experienced and the main beliefs of Christianity in order to establish his own conclusions on what Hell looks and feels like. The Bible has many passages in which it describes its specific thoughts and claims on the “after-life”. The after-life as noted in the Bible, is divided into two different places, Heaven and Hell. Under this notion, everyone will continue their

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1285 words - 5 pages to walk in truth and away from the Dark Wood of Worldliness.   Fear of the unknown has led us to run in the wrong direction. In order to reach the Mount of Joy, we, like Dante, must listen to the voice of Reason, whom for Dante was Virgil, and, being guided by faith, turn to defeat our enemies through an alternate route. We must go through Hell and face our sins. Then, having faced and confessed our sins, we can exit the cycle of sin and

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670 words - 3 pages the renaissance was Dante¡¦s placement of several popes in several levels of Hell. Most Middle Age writers would not have thought of accusing a pope of sin, yet Dante saw the corruption of the church and didn¡¦t fear to write about it. „«     Surprises, delights, new ideas and/or intriguing sections o     I found it interesting that ¡§virtuous by un-baptized¡¨ pagans inhabited the first level of

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