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Still At It And Again Essay

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All of the data for this paper will come from scholarly articles found on the Shippensburg University Library database. In these articles they have conducted information studies about students studying abroad term length, students studying abroad personal growth, and student studying abroad career incomes. In the findings section of this paper I will discuss how these three charts relate to my research question. What are the benefits of students studying abroad? Because these three charts are implying that the benefits of students studying abroad are but not limited to: abroad term length and the experience, students studying abroad personal growth, and student studying abroad career ...view middle of the document...

C) Chart 1: A general finding by study abroad term length is considered as quantitative data. This chart is in a survey response format. The three survey items are: Chose to live with host country nationals, Studied abroad again after IES, and Desire to study abroad influenced choice of college. There are weighted percentages based on the student study abroad, length of experience. These time lengths are Full year, Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer term. (Dwyer p156) Chart 2: Personal growth by study abroad term length would also be considered as quantitative data. Three out of the nine survey items were: increased self-confidence, enabled me to tolerate ambiguity, and has had a lasting impact on world view. There are weighted percentages based on the student study abroad length of personal growth. These time lengths are Full year, Fall semester, Spring semester, and Summer term. (Dwyer p160) Chart 3: National vs. Dickinson College Alumni Sample Average Annual Incomes would also be considered as quantitative data. This chart has three key factors that make up this data. The first factor being is the student a male or female. The second factor being do the student has a BA/BS degree only or an Advanced Degree. The third factor being is the student a Notional Median Weekly Earnings x 52 or Dickinson Study Abroad Alumni Average Annual Income. (Franklin p 180)

A) Chart 1: General findings by study abroad term length relates to my research question: What are the benefits of students studying abroad? For this reason one, of the key benefits of studying abroad is the experience that the students take away with them. This chart measures the length of the experience as one of the key benefits of studying abroad. Chart 2: Personal growth by study abroad term length relates to my research, because personal growth is another leading reason students benefit studying abroad. While this chart points out nine different survey items that are benefits to studying abroad, I will only focus on three items. These three items being: increased self-confidence, enabled me to tolerate ambiguity, and has had a lasting impact on world view because these add on to the student personal growth. Chart 3: National vs. Dickinson College Alumni Sample Average Annual Incomes relate to my research question, because the third benefit of studying abroad is an education and career attainment. People that study abroad has a higher income, than people who has not studied abroad. The annual income for people who has studied abroad is the third benefit to add on to the other two benefits already giving.

B) As a result, in chart 1 it reflects that out the students that studied abroad: 87% of the students that studied for a full year Chose to live with host country nationals. The logic behind this at the student all get the full host national experience. 20% of the students that studied for a full year studied abroad again after IES. While 20% for the full year...

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