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Still Your Turn: Mapping Compensation Strategies

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Company Overview
The Admin Center, Inc. specializes in the back office support for multiple sales agents nationwide and for other companies with a specialty in energy and green industries. The company is the broker for different natural gas and electric utilities nationwide where states are deregulated. Employees at The Admin Center, Inc. take the time to get to know their clients’ needs and are continually reviewing the different rules, regulations and restrictions put in place by a state to ensure that the client receives the best possible price for their natural gas and electric services. The majority of The Admin Center, Inc.’s business is in Illinois, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
The Admin Center, Inc. currently employs fewer than 20 individuals for the daily operations at its corporate office in Lake Geneva, WI. There are two different types of employs at The Admin Center, Inc., those being exempt and non-exempt employees. Exempt employees consist of managers and assistant managers while non-exempt employees are the support staff in the different departments of the company. The company also has commissioned based agents that are located throughout the United States.
Key Points of the Company’s Strategy:
Objectives: At The Admin Center, Inc., prominence, the measure of how important total compensation is in the overall HR strategy, is very low among the employees. The majority of the HR strategy is focused on policies and procedures to ensure the company is in compliance with state and federal regulations. Where prominence becomes more important within the company is for the agents working solely on commission based on what is sold. Those individual agents place more importance on compensation because that is their only source of income and what they sell is what they will be paid on.
Internal Alignment: It can be seen at The Admin Center, Inc. that management receives a higher compensation than support staff and other non-management members of the organization. At The Admin Center, Inc. there is little room for growth and promotions regardless of job performance due to the small size of the company.
External Competitiveness: Based on the authors past job applications and interviews at various organizations, compensation for similar jobs, such as an administrative assistant, have higher starting pay than that of The Admin Center, Inc. Many of the other organizations also offer health insurance, life insurance and 401k packages similar to that at The Admin Center, Inc. Based on the information provided on the contrasting maps of Microsoft and SAS, The Admin Center, Inc. has similar values to that of SAS. It is important to the owners of The Admin Center, Inc. that there is a work/life balance at the organization as well as family benefits.
Employee Contributions: At The Admin Center, Inc., much of the pay is based on the job title an employee has. A manager makes more money than an assistant manager and so on down the line. If the...

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