Stimulus Condition: Behavioral Change Within Family

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Identify Target Behavior
While thinking of a good behavior to modify, I tried to think of something that I could use to better myself. I tried to think about a psychology behavior, I have trouble with accepting and tried for so long to figure out how to better this behavior. Eventually, while thinking and talking it over with my family and professor, we came to the conclusion that I could use help with “Saying positive things to my family”. I chose this behavior because I am not one to express how I feel to my family nor am I one to compliment ones behavior of situation. So, I entered this project knowing that I am not only doing this for a project but, also to gain some incite on how to be more expressive towards the ones I love.

Baseline Data
I recorded my data for 2 weeks, which is 14 days (Monday thru Sunday). I kept a calendar with the hours and days of the observation listed. On the calendar I wrote down each of my family members names and the positive comment I told to that family member. I placed a goal of 2 compliments to each family member, which in my family of four would be a total of 8 comments a day and a total of 112 comments by the end of the observation. The reason I kept the information on a calendar was to help me remember this observation was not just for a paper but to also help me become a better wife and mother. Everyone in my household knows all my important commitments go on the calendar.
In addition, noting the data was difficult at some periods in the day. When I was at school or running errands, I would use my mobile to record some of the observation and when I returned home I would write it on the calendar. I observed a period at the beginning were I noticed I needed to reevaluate how I was going to compliment all four members. At certain times of the day, I would have to call a member to express my feelings to them due to me not being home or wherever they where. However, I noticed Tuesday and Thursday was the hardest days for me to compliment anyone in my family due to the overload of homework and everyday tasks. On Monday and Wednesday, I completed my 8 remarks a day to each family member. However, On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the display of compliments rose to above the goal expectancy, especially on Saturday, when I surprised my family and myself by admiring my family members 23 times in one day.

Stimulus Conditions
As I recorded my data, I observed the main stimulus condition was my children. I detected that as I complimented them more, my children began to show one another more affection and respect. Another condition was my husband, which at times is was hard for me to express my feelings to him because I wondered if he would think I was crazy. Also, I noticed as I became more emotional, the days would become less stressful. Eventually, I compiled the information to the experiment with a since of acceptances and because of that the positive outlook to the observation it allowed my life be less...

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