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Many people starting in the stock market think of it like gambling, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Worst off, if a recession comes and brings down the value of stocks it will be like 1929 when the stock market crash that started the Great Depression that lasted almost an entire decade. Stuff like that sounds really scary that one moment you could be out on the streets with no home. But then there are people who made it big in the Stock Market like Warren Buffett who has $60,000,000,000 worth invested that he can pull from any time he wants, now that’s a nice college fund or retirement.
The Stock Market can be a risky game but investors over sea even invest in our stock markets instead of from their own countries. The reason why they invest here is because America has always had a knack for making big business, America is a growing country and when you make it in this country you really make it big and pretty fast as well. Like the article titled “The Tim Grittani Story: How a 23 year old turned $1500 into $128,000 in 1 year”, Tim Grittani was a 23 year old man who invested only $1,500 and came out with $128,000 in a single year; Now that’s the difference between a nice new car and a 15 year old car. As a matter of fact recently the Stock Market has hit an all-time high says Jamie Sturgeon of Global News, and the date of this published document was November 18, 2013 to give you an idea how great the market is at this time. Now if you a smart investor you would have invested a few years ago when we were in a recession, then you value in the Stock Market would have skyrocketed. You might not be sitting at home typing this paper now if you did, you might be making investments on companies you see a potential growth in and play the game the right way to make money instead of losing money.

The first mistake anyone will ever make is expecting that you will make it big, never expect, ever. If you throw all your money into the Stock Market and it dips a little, you will naturally freak out and pull your money out just like everyone else does. But that is when you stay strong and buy more cause when that stock comes back up you will naturally have made money back in the value of the stock. That’s why when you invest in the Stock Market don’t put all your money into it because then something called life happens, you have kids and all the sudden need a bigger place and all your money is in the Stock Market for that down payment and what do you know, that was the really bad day to pull that money out because it happens to be worth %50 of what you originally put in and now you are stressed. Don’t put yourself in the mercy of the Stock Market but rather play the game so...

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