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Stock Market: Procter And Gamble And The Coca Cola Company

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I chose Procter and Gamble and The Coca Cola Company because when I first looked at Google Finance, they were the two options out of the six that were in the green, or in the green the most. When I checked how the two stocks had grown,(I looked at year-to-date), KO and PG were the two that had grown the most out of the options I was given. Also the demand for both companies is high.
I read an article that stated the most popular soft drinks, and Coca Cola was first on the list. (Hartlaub) The Coca Cola company is the world's largest beverage company, and carries many popular brands, such as Powerade, Hi-C, and Minute Maid juices. This shows that The Coca Cola Company is in demand. Procter & Gamble is also in high demand, because it is a company that carries everything from cleaning supplies to cosmetics to baby care. It carries many popular brands, such as the Olay brand, CoverGirl brand, Old Spice brand, Swiffer brand, and even Gucci. PG's products are sold ...view middle of the document...

The Procter and Gamble Company:Which is better?" These are a few headlines for articles written on P & G in the past week.
The Coca Cola Company has also had some things take place since I first 'bought' the stock. The FDA approved a new sugar substitute, which was predicted to be in favor of food and drink companies, such as Coca Cola. The Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company partnered with Sedex, global experts on collaboration for responsible sourcing. I think that this could have improved business, and therefor the price of the KO stock, because nowadays, most people are in favor for more 'green' products and companies. Coca Cola has "strengthened its commitment to responsible sourcing by joining Sedex". ("Coca-Cola HBC Partners with Sedex ")
Since I first chose my two stocks, they have both experienced different rises and falls in the market. When I first ‘bought’ stock from Procter and Gamble, I purchased it at $80.20. It rose significantly the first two days, then it dropped to as low as 80.15. It rose again the next two days, bringing the price of the PG stock as high as $80.80. Since it reached its peak, it has been dropping steadily, until it was $80.50 this morning, when I ‘sold’ my stock. The price is still receding, although when I sold it back, I did make a profit of 30¢ on the PG stock.
When I first ‘bought’ stock from The Coca Cola Company, the stock was $40.63. The first day it dropped until it hit a low of $40.55. The stock then rose to a high of $40.87. Throughout the third and fourth day, the prices dropped, then stayed steady. Today, the fifth day, the stock has risen from a low of $40.53, until it reached the price I ‘sold’ it back, $40.77. I made a profit of 14¢ on the KO stock.
Over the span of five days, I tracked two stocks I had picked based on their success rate. The two stocks I picked, The Coca Cola Company, and Procter & Gamble, would have made me a total of $0.44 profit all together, if I had actually bought the stock. I enjoyed this project for the Economics course, and am excited for the day that I am old enough to actually buy stocks and participate in the financial side of the world.

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